Day 256..#You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me! II


It was 02:36 when I got to the place where I was staying, opened the door and flipped the light switch.

“Oh no” I thought to myself looking around.

The carpet was dirty, it was freezing cold, there were no curtains and there was graffiti on the walls and above the bed.

*N.B. This is where I am supposed to be contracted to stay for the next year until graduation*

I sighed.

I stepped into the room and closed the door behind me looking around.

I walked over to the window and there were dead flies and moths on the ledge. I cringed. I opened the door of the shower and guess what I found..dead flies -_-

The little black things..dead flies.

I allowed the shower door to close on its own and made sure I kept my things in the centre of the room not touching anything.

I put my bag on the desk which was sticky and covered in what looked like cookie crumbs.

I opened my travel bag and brought out my bedspreads to cover the mattress. I knelt on the mattress and opened my sheet..that’s when I saw something moving. I leaned in closer, squinting my eyes. I jumped back and screamed.

Woodlice were crawling on the mattress as well as other creepy crawlies. I thought I was going to be sick.

I was tired, irritated and just wanted to sleep and there was no way I was sleeping on that mattress and getting chewed by creepy crawlies whilst doing I’m a germophobe, there was no way you would get me touching anything else after what I’d just witnessed.

So I opened my luggage, got out another jumper, some leggings, socks and my shoes and put them all on. I grabbed the winter jacket that I had on the chair, put it on and zipped it up, then I sat down at the desk, put my hood up and placed my head in my arms and attempted to sleep.

I tried to sleep, but I kept waking up because I was cold and uncomfortable (my poor back) hoping it was morning so I could start cleaning.

After the longest 4 hours, I looked at the time and it was 07:23. I took my jacket off, rolled up my sleeves and brought out the rubber gloves.

I didn’t actually think  it could get any worse.

I was so wrong.




~ by originalapplejunkie on September 11, 2012.

13 Responses to “Day 256..#You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me! II”

  1. oh my gosh Apple, can’t the owner do something for you? bomb the place for crawly things, give you money for cleaning, something? i am proud of you for sleeping there, but i have to admit, it would have been hard, because i would have been dreaming of creepy crawly things on me, or was it only a dream………………..

    • I did actually feel like things were in the sleeves of the jacket. It was horrible. I think the only reason why I fell asleep was because I was SUPER tired.
      I even lifted up the mattress to show the owner all the animals living underneath it..and she even went “uurgh.”
      I wanted to get the place fumigated, but she said I would have to pay towards that because people have stayed their before me and never complained about anything, so if I want it done, I’d either have to pay for it myself, or they could try and help out!
      Even when I asked if I could get a new mattress, they asked me if I had my own I wanted to bring! When I made it known that I wanted a new one, they said that they’d let me know..*sigh*
      It’ll all be over soon..

  2. Omg, I’m a bugaphobe myself and would not be able to stand that. I was cringing here just reading about it lol. So sorry about that situation. I hope you get things in order and in a way you can feel comfortable soon. God bless

  3. How utterly horrible! Are you going to complain about the state of the place? I would! I hope you took lots more pictures too before cleaning so you had plenty of evidence of what it was like when you got there. Poor you – it could only happen to you 🙂

    • I’ve complained complaints fell on deaf ears. They tried to play it down like it wasn’t as major as I was insinuating!
      I took a lot of photographs! Definitely..but I’ve decided to move out and find a new’s too much for me to deal with in my final year of Uni..I should be concentrating on my studies. Not wondering whether I’m going to get ill from the damp present in my room or if the walls around me are going to crumble..
      It could really only happen to me right!

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