Day 243..#Thank You!!


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I just want to say a huge Thank You to all my subscribers, followers and those you accidentally come across my blog!

About two nights ago, I hit 15,000 views on my blog (today it’s 15,210) and I meant to share the milestone with you all!

Thanks for coming with me on a journey that doesn’t always make sense..that may be happy and at times sad. That may be angry..and that may also be about love..

Random ramblings indeed!

I know 15,000 may be a small number to some..but I never saw myself getting this many views..I never thought this far ahead!


I really appreciate all the lovely people I’ve met on the blogosphere and the amazing talented people I have come across through blogging!

You guys are amazing and I really don’t say it enough!!


Thank you again!!



~ by originalapplejunkie on August 29, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 243..#Thank You!!”

  1. Good for you! A lovely milestone.

  2. a big thank you for posting your blogs!!!!!

  3. Congratulations, AJ!

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