Day 241..#Not Even in the Mood..

It’s been a long day.

I’ve been up since 8:30am after having gone to bed at 3am. I then got up at 9am, took two hours out to do housework whilst everyone else slept, then proceeded to sit down and chill for a little while.

After 11, my brother woke up and my mother offered to cook him breakfast. That annoyed me. Only because she never asked me if she could cook me breakfast. My brother gets up having done nothing and she offers. That sounds like something so petty to be bothered about, but seriously, that really annoyed me.

11:35am and my parents decided that it was time to start resorting and refilling the contents of the loft now that our insulation had been done.

*n.b. After you get your loft done, they only leave about 25% of the space you had for you to store whatever you need to put back there.*

We had work to do.

I hadn’t yet eaten breakfast, and after my mother asked my brother if she could make him breakfast and then asked me, I didn’t want any of what she was making barely on principle, so I declined and made my own.

I finished my breakfast and we got started.

The way I’d positioned myself, I now know wasn’t very appropriate. I was bent down on my knees, sorting through 4 bin liners worth of elementary and high school books. In the end I saved about 20+ sheets in addition to certificates and put the rest in the trash.

My knees felt horrible. I then had to grab the ladder and start repacking what had been sorted back into the loft.

I packed what we had sorted and came back down to continue sorting through the rest.

I’d picked up so many heavy things, my back was also starting to hurt. I was bending my knees, but they already hurt from earlier. We continued on.

Some time later, after we had “sorted” the rest (we were getting it wasn’t as sorted as it couldn’t be, also, not all the contents of the loft were sisters had books and things that also needed to be sorted, but they were not home, and I couldn’t make decisions for them to get rid of them or not, so a majority was left), and put everything back in the loft, we went downstairs to sort out the stuff that we had transferred from the landing upstairs to the living room downstairs.

We sorted through some more, and then took a break for a late lunch.

By this time, I had slowed down substantially due to my back pain, knee pain and now appearing abdominal discomfort. I made myself some spaghetti, crashed into the chair and laid back.

At around 8:20pm, I headed out driving with my dad and brother, only having just gotten back around 20 minutes ago.

I didn’t want to go, because I’d have to drive, and my body was hurting, but I thought we’re not going far so why not.

We got back and only having eaten spaghetti all day and some fruit, I was quite hungry. I went to the kitchen and wanted to grab some dinner..only to find my sister had only cooked for her and my brother, and my mother was cooking for her and my father.

When I am hungry, I get extremely irritable and crabby. I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just when I’m hungry, my patience is near non-existent – usually manageable, but then add abdominal and back pain (knee pain has gone) and I’m just horrible.

So I ask what I’m supposed to sister says she didn’t know I was going to have what they were going to have..and I’m in too much pain to cook anything right now.

I’ve had a banana and I’m going to sit down for a while and hope the abdominal pain goes away a little, then eat something.

But right now, I’m extremely snappy, irritable and annoyed.


I hate being hungry.


~ by originalapplejunkie on August 27, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 241..#Not Even in the Mood..”

  1. u better eat girlfriend and get that smile back on your face!!! lol

  2. Ah honey . . . let me make you a nice bowl of soup.

  3. It’s funny how being around family all the time can be irritating one minute and fun the next. Working out the bugs in this dance we call life is sometimes an exercise in futility. Hope you got something to eat, and you recovered!

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