Day 235..#Loft Excursion Part II

Like I explained yesterday, it’s been 14+ years since everything we’ve had stored in the loft has come out from the loft.

My dad and I started around 22.30 (minus the ladder..his decision not mine..then again I was the only one up there!) and at 12:40am, we had finished!

It’s amazing how much we as people hoard things..we have a spare room..or should I say had.

This is its current state:

..Full to the brim..

It was a fun walk down memory lane also! I found my workbooks from secondary school (mostly from year 8 and 9), my leavers shirt, my leavers book that everyone signed and a lot of other amazing memories!

I couldn’t find my safety goggles, but I did find my hard hat, so I put that on instead!

I was trying to show you how dirty my hands were! And I look bald..ha ha!

I also took out my contact lenses and put my glasses on..I just thought it would be much safer that way!

Boy was it tiring..and extremely messy..

I don’t know if you can the extent of the dirt..I would have shown you the soles of my feet..but I cannot stand that’s a bit weird!

*I only touch my feet when I have to! I’m getting better!*

I ate my dinner at 2:30am and went to sleep around 3:00am. I was then woken up by a pneumatic drill outside of my bedroom window  at 8:30am..

I’ve been drifting in and out of sleep all day..due to no fault of my own..ha ha..

It’s been pretty relaxing aside from when I was soaked in a 10 minute freak rainstorm..which also the only 10 minutes I spent outside today. Go figure.

I’m happy I completed the task injury free! That hard hat was a life saver!!!


~ by originalapplejunkie on August 21, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day 235..#Loft Excursion Part II”

  1. i am so glad you have that job done, and no incidents!!!! just a small thing here, but you are a beautiful woman!!!! be proud of who you are…………..this is said in a friendly way also, nothing perverted meant!!! LOLOLOL

  2. Wow! Filthy hands, I’ll bet it was quite satisfying making all that progress… But why on earth did you start so late?! Ha! 🙂

    • It was satisfying..but that satisfaction quickly diminished when I realised I’d have to put everything back afterwards.. -_-
      Definitely unimpressed!
      We started late because my dad got back from work late..then he had to eat..and then rest a little..ha ha

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