Day 233..#Tennis Tournament!

Yesterday, my friends and I partook in a tennis tournament. That we made up ourselves. Ha ha.

It was so fun!

I haven’t played tennis like that in a while..although, in saying that, I wouldn’t really say I went prepared! Instead of my tennis gear, I opted for a floor length black maxi dress and short sleeveless denim jacket.

Yeah..I think I was going for cute..*covers face in shame*

My friend went for a strawberries and cream theme as they do in Wimbledon and went a little bit crazy with it all..but it was such a beautiful effort..!

Here are some of the pictures I took of the day..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*It was quite a hot day yesterday as you have probably noticed by the melting cream*

When I got home, I noticed I’d been bitten by something all around both of my ankles.

No. I’m not going to show you photographs because that’s just weird. And I dislike feet. Uurgh.

My dad let out a sigh and laughed saying I have “Overly sensitive skin“’s not my fault! Boo!

But it was overall a fun day!! 🙂

~ by originalapplejunkie on August 19, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 233..#Tennis Tournament!”

  1. you looked so cute on the play ground, lol, and the slide show of goodies…………i want some too!!!!!

  2. My dad gets bitten by something on the ankles, the feet, the hands, the nose…hehehehe Serves him right, he shouldn’t try to fight me!

  3. Looks like yummy fun, Apple! Funny, no pics of tennis playing! 😉 I was worried with the climbing frame pic, that we might see one of you on the ground afterwards! Was a relief not to! Lol! Nice outfit! 🙂

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