Day 227..#Ouch!!

I have another worrying story!

Today, I decided it was time to start packing as I am heading back up to University tomorrow evening to drop off some of my things.

Yes..those are all my suitcases..they’re not all full..yet 😛

The suitcases I needed to pack my belongings just happened to be in the loft.

So as I usually do, instead of going all the way to the garage to get the ladder, I jumped on the banister and manoeuvred my way up into the ceiling to grab the suitcases.

I got them, and my sister helped me place them down on the landing while I sat on the edge of the entrance to the loft swinging my legs.

“How are you going to get down?” my sister asked looking up at me.

“Jump.” I responded, “I always do”

*Now I’m writing down all these accidents I have..I’m starting to see how some of these things can be avoided..’covers face in shame’..sorry Ken!*

I positioned myself, launched myself downwards and landed properly, knees bent, hands forward, and partially in the bathroom (which is a correct landing by my standards 😀 )..and I felt something in my eye.

I just thought it was a bit of dust or lint, so I started blinking. It didn’t subside so I asked my sister to remove my glasses and ran some cold water in my eye. I blinked. Still there.

I lifted up my head from the sink and looked in the mirror, holding my eye open with my fingers. That is when I saw it.

There was a piece of wood in my eye.

A piece of wood from the frame of the loft had flown into my eye as I had descended. I had a splinter in my eye!

I started panicking and looked toward my sister for help, my fingers still prying my eye open to stop it from closing.

She grabbed a cotton bud (Q-Tip), ran it under water and attempted to dislodge it from the corner of my eye. Instead she ended up pushing it in further.

“OW!” I cried, careful not to move even an inch.

She tried again, and again I felt it moving in further.

I moved away and demanded she stop using the cotton bud as it wasn’t helping *I know I wasn’t in any position to be making demands, but there was a piece of wood in my eye!*, so she washed her hands and used her nail to try to move the wood.

I could feel it moving slowly out from the corner of my eye. It was a weird tickled feeling, but it wasn’t a nice tickling feeling due to where it was positioned.

We stood there for about 10 minutes as she slowly drew the wood from my eye.

She finally got it out and I looked in the mirror and laughed.

I had a splinter in my EYE.

A Splinter?!


Only me..Only me.

*Award post to continue tomorrow!*

~ by originalapplejunkie on August 13, 2012.

17 Responses to “Day 227..#Ouch!!”

  1. no more jumping for you girlfriend!!!!!

  2. I’ve just thrown up, anything to do with eyes just makes me all queasy.

  3. I am slightly freaked out now!

    I hope your eye is OK now.

  4. Eye splinter! Can’t be good.

  5. APPLE! That is a horrendous story, I cannot possibly hit the Like button! Please make sure you do not get an infection! Yeeshk! On a plus, you have a good supply of cleansing salt water should you need it.

    As we say up here, you are a numpty! (Don’t worry, it’s a term of endearment).

  6. Oooo…you need to be more careful. That could have been dangerous, especially if the pain on the wood contained lead. You should still have a doctor check it out.

  7. […] to my previous loft antics (click here if you missed that post), I’ve decided to make the long walk to the garage and get the […]

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