Day 221..#Full-Time vs Boredom

Having been back home for exactly two weeks today, it’s strange that I am yet to see the majority of my friends.

I’ve seen two..but the rest.. 😦

The issue is, all my friends are full-time working folks!

I was told today by one of my friends that “You should phone our bosses and demand we’re given time off to see you”

I responded by saying “Yeah.. I don’t quite think being grown ups works like that”

When did we become grown ups?



However, we will be having a tennis tournament either this weekend or next weekend in the park, down the street from where I live.

When we get together..for catch-ups, or sports..or always gets I *detest* losing!

I’m looking forward to seeing them all, but the days are just floating by extremely slowly..

In addition to the crawling time..daytime television is rather vapid and abysmal..


Moving on to more pressing friend has a bunny rabbit..and apparently he is very cute!

*Insert picture here*


I had a doggy..but she’s not here any more..

*I was going to insert a picture of my doggy here..but I can’t find her..*


I also want to be a police officer.

Or an air hostess.

Or anything that requires me to wear a uniform and serve.


My mum said no.

Sad times.

~ by originalapplejunkie on August 8, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 221..#Full-Time vs Boredom”

  1. You think you’re all getting old now? Just wait until (you or) your friends start having kids/getting married – that’s scary! 😉

    Plus… it hits you all of a sudden!

    I know what it’s like trying to catch up with people. It’s hard work. Your tennis match will be fab, I’m sure! 🙂 As for the job, go for whatever floats your boat – or whichever uniform you think you’d suit best! 😉

    • That ship has been sailing for a friends started getting married around 2 years ago..I’ve planned a lot of weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties..speaking of which, my Goddaughter turns 3 tomorrow..

      In terms of the job mother said no to ha

  2. i hate dragging time but for you it will only be moments as you get back into the swing of things here at home………….soon u will b so busy u will wish for one of these days to return!

  3. Soon you will be knee deep in a job, and this will be a distant memory! Tennis get together sounds fun. And yes, daytime tv mostly sucks. But if it were fantastic, we wouldn’t accomplish anything.

  4. well some1’s been busy

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