Day 220..#Reflections!

This afternoon a photographer friend of mine sent me this photograph from 2009:

Myself and my friend Sama-Far 😛 (right to left)

I had just started my official appointment as the Events Coordinator of the African-Caribbean Society at my University and this was my first organised event in that position.

The evening was supposed to run from 10pm to 4am..a kind of introductory event for the new freshers.

I got there at 9pm to make sure everything was going to plan, as I’d delegated the people I was working with to do their tasks.

I got there and no one was there, and nothing started to be set up.

My friend had to pick my jaw up off the floor and I went ballistic!

I called the rest of my team. They told me that they didn’t know they had anything to do and will be there soon, they were just at home getting dressed.

I’m sure there was steam escaping from my ears.

10pm came.


The rest of my team were filtering in slowly.


At 12:15am, the first couple of guests showed up.

My mood hadn’t shifted as I was still running around like a headless chicken.

I’d just sat down to take a little break and breathe when my friend (the photographer) popped up out of nowhere and insisted on taking a photo of my friend (and then house mate) and I..we were not really feeling very we hid our faces.

Angry faces make for scary photographs -_-

*The guests did eventually get there and fill up the venue, so much so that we were filled to capacity and ended up turning people away! A trying night for my first event indeed!*

Oh least our hair looked good =)

*And I love the muscle definition in my arm..he he*


Image: A.I Lawless Photography

~ by originalapplejunkie on August 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day 220..#Reflections!”

  1. that was an awesome photo!

  2. That’s why you should get a dog, we never let you down….we just eat your furniture, howl in the dawn, widdle up the curtains, shag your leg….but we’re loyal. hehehehe

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