Day 219..#Mini-Rant..


During the weekdays, my phones are set to automatically switch off at 23:30.

Apparently, this is an issue for people who would like to get in contact with me.

I do not understand why.

My mobile phones then automatically switch themselves back on at 7:30am and I wake up between 8am and 8:30am.

I am available to be contacted (called, emailed, texted, etc) between the general hours of 8am and 23:30, and yet people still feel it necessary to tell me that it’s not good that whenever they call me I am unavailable.

*This should be a sign that you are calling me too late if anything*

I generally don’t leave my phones on at night-time because I have a tendency to answer them when I’m asleep and talk a lot of gibberish. Off is safer. For everyone!

*In addition to this, whenever I have slept with my phone in or by my bed or head, I do not have a good night sleep*

If you call me during sociable hours, I’ll be available..otherwise I can guarantee that unless it is the weekend, I will not answer.

For you to be offended at the fact that I appreciate peace and quiet after hours is quite selfish of you, and I will not apologise for not being on-line 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Get. Over. It.


Tired. Rant over.


~ by originalapplejunkie on August 6, 2012.

20 Responses to “Day 219..#Mini-Rant..”

  1. i agree with you 100 percent, and besides, if i receive a call during the night, it usually means bad news.

  2. Lmao – LOVE IT, Apple! 🙂 He he he! 🙂

    You are dead right. I believe people should have their phones off at night time as you need some form of respite otherwise you’ll never get a chance to switch off from the world, lol! It peeves me when folk complain that people contacted them in the middle of the night. If you don’t want to be disturbed (understandably so) during anti-social hours, turn off your phone. The response is usually: ‘what if it’s an emergency?’ Alter your text message settings so it’s on silent and calls are on loud – I don’t know, but find a way to work. I didn’t know you could preset your phones to turn on and off automatically (cool) so I think there must be a way to personalise your phone settings…

    Good and well deserved rant!

    • Exactly! How can you be available all the time?! It’s not possible!
      If it’s an emergency, they will call the landline..
      I can personalise it on my Blackberry, I haven’t quite figured out if I can do it on my iPhone..but when my Blackberry goes off..the iPhone goes off too.. =)

  3. Its best not to sleep with your phone switched on near your head – RF waves will mess with your brain. Nooooo joke!
    My dad, who has very little brain to spare – bless him, switches his off and sleeps with a couple of clear crystals by his head to absorb any unwanted energy. He’s not a new age type dude but he doesn’t like to take chances.
    Try it Apples, dream better. Or a native American dream catcher seems to help.

    • I understand that..I don’t sleep with my phones on..and if they’re off, they’re across the room on the table.
      I don’t like taking chances either..I’ll look into that..thanks Bones 🙂

  4. Good for you. Take a stand.

    I hate to admit it, but my middle daughter, probably about your age, sleeps with her laptop on her bed. Not healthy in my opinion.

  5. I agree with Terry! The dead of night phone calls are reserved for bad news. Freaks me out when phone rings in dead of night–which occasionally happens for my husbands job. Hated it 20 years ago, still hate it now. :-).

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