Day 206..#The Day After the Night Before..

Tomorrow, I fly home, which makes tonight; in essence, my final night in Lisbon, Portugal.

To say it has been a roller-coaster year would be the most underrated statement I’ve made to date!

There have been laughs..smiles..falling outs..making up..and most

I’m not kidding.

But maybe I am.

But I’m not. The food is awesome =)

I only had 3 hours sleep this morning (through no fault of my own) and so have been up now for a long time..

I met up with a friend and her mother at a café around the corner from my house and we spoke a little before we headed our separate ways.

In some ways, I’ll miss other respects I’ll be glad to be going home.

I mean, my biggest dilemma today was trying to figure out whether or not to take a pair of extremely comfortable heels home with me. Silly question of course. Answer I finally decided was yes ( it could be anything else..heels!)

I kind of wandered around today..making sure everything was in working order and packed and ready to go..

The only thing I have left to pack are my toiletries and my hair products..which I will do tomorrow!


Dentist Saga V returns tomorrow for its final instalment, and I’m sure that I’ll have some travel updates for you also!

“My greatest fear is not that I am inadequate..

My greatest fear is that I get to the airport and my luggage weighs more than my allocated allowance!!”

Pray for me guys! Really!

Some last shots of Lisbon..


Have a great day guys!

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 24, 2012.

9 Responses to “Day 206..#The Day After the Night Before..”

  1. it has to be hard to leave a past you love and yet be excited to return home. stay safe and let us know when u r home

  2. Safe trip. Are you going back in the new term? Hope you’re not flying into Heathrow!

  3. I get the feeling Lisbon will miss you too. Will it be a bit strange coming back to Blighty?

  4. Ah, another season finished…

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