Day 205..#Packing..

This is why I am awesome..

I packed up one year worth of living in a foreign country in one giant holdall and one piece of hand luggage..and why?

Because I’m awesome πŸ˜›

It took me all of about 3 hours to pack everything up..but I kept getting bored so I was stopping a lot to watch episodes of The Big Bang Theory..and I also took a nap..ha it took like 5-6 hours in total..

Now I just have to vacuum my room, change the sheets and wipe down all the surfaces..

I wanted to repaint the walls as well..but when I asked the landlord..he told me it wasn’t necessary and kind of laughed at I guess that was a no..ha!

At this time in two days, I’ll be back in the UK.

I will miss Lisbon. A lot.

But I’ll be back..they can’t get rid of me that easily! HA!

*does her crazy dance*



~ by originalapplejunkie on July 23, 2012.

17 Responses to “Day 205..#Packing..”

  1. Wow, go you! It must be mixed emotions you’re feeling right now, eh? Enjoy your last two days. Will you go to the zoo already, missus!? Take some pictures and write us a good blog about the animals there! πŸ™‚

    • Not really mixed think one year was just right..I feel like it’s been time well spent and that now..the adventure is about to start again..looooooool @zoo..I technically have tomorrow..and I have a lot to do..running around making sure I have all my school docs..*sigh* then I have my dentist appointment at 9am on Wednesday and my flight is at 12:30..gna be a tight squeeze..

      • On behalf of myself and Lisbon Zoo, we feel cheated, Apple! You promised as back in June that you’d pay a visit – tut tut!

        Lol, I know you must be really busy. Have a safe trip home!

      • I’m sure Jardim ZoolΓ³gico de Lisboa will be there when I come back next summer..and I will take loads of animal pictures then!! πŸ™‚
        I’m just trying to make sure I have anything..and I have created a list of the things I need to get rid of at the airport in case my bag weighs too much..*sigh*

      • Poor show…! πŸ˜‰

        Don’t worry, the more you look for stuff, the more likely you are to leave something behind. Having said that, double check under your bed and in your bathroom!

        Have a safe trip home! πŸ™‚

      • I didn’t miss anything..maybe I should have! I’ll explain in tomorrows post!
        I’m back though!! πŸ™‚

      • Welcome home! I shall look forward to catching up with your adventures – have got limited access on the comp today! (Stress central in our flat!)

      • Thanks adventures at the moment though!

  2. have a safe trip home!!!

  3. You’re amazing! I can’t pack that lightly to go away for a weekend!

  4. It’s like that song by U2 “A sort of homecoming”:
    Oh don’t sob, oh don’t weep, for tonight at last, I am coming home. (I think that’s how it goes.)
    Or that “Tie a yellow Ribbon”:
    I’m coming home you filthy swine… No hang on, that’s not it…! hehehehe

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