Day 202..#All You Need Is Love..

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All you need is love..

Love and apple juice 🙂

But maybe not. Love is certainly a factor. That I cannot deny..but saying ALL you need is love for me is pretty far-fetched.

If love was all it took, our world would be amazing..

If it was only love..would that mean being it was all we needed; that there was an absence (or non-existence) of hate?

I was just wondering what the parameters were to the statement.

Not having love is associated with being lonely..but that is not always the case.

Yes, maybe some people may feel that an absence of love makes them incomplete, whilst others use the “absence” of love to make themselves better for the one that they will eventually “love” with their whole being..

People do crazy things in the name of love.

Love is a powerful drug. Yes, drug.

Or not.

It doesn’t matter..but love matters.

If all we needed was love, I believe the world would cease to exist because love, as powerful and compelling that it is cannot be wholly responsible for the existence of the human race. Or maybe it could.

Maybe if all the other factors that contributed to how we see the world today could be taken away, maybe after that.. all we’d need is love..

But who knows?


~ by originalapplejunkie on July 20, 2012.

9 Responses to “Day 202..#All You Need Is Love..”

  1. Looks good to me!

  2. loved it!

  3. Interesting thinking. But I’m not sure that all the world needs is just one thing… because as you say love is a drug and people do crazy things for it/about it/as a result of it. Love is blind. But it is fantastically powerful in such a wonderful way as well… It’s complicated, eh? Interesting thoughts. 🙂 I think love is an immensely powerful and important thing to have in one’s life. 🙂

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