Day 200..#Balloon Bandits..

I’m easily entertained and amused.

I appreciate the little things..things that people would think are balloons =)

*My mum is allergic to latex..what can I say..we were never allowed to play with balloons much..*

This morning at 2am, I was watching The Big Bang Theory on my laptop and I heard this hissing sound because I’m me..I got up and looked out the window =)

There were 3 guys in a van with several helium canisters blowing up balloons and tying them onto the side mirrors of all the cars on the street.

I thought it was so random..but what they were doing made me laugh!

I tried to take a picture but my camera died and the flash on my phone was not bright enough..

But I did get one this morning of the balloons left =)

It looked so much cooler at night when they’d all been “tagged” =)

I’ll call those guys the Balloon Bandits 😛

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 18, 2012.

11 Responses to “Day 200..#Balloon Bandits..”

  1. so cute!!!!

  2. I love balloons!

  3. I do love that approach to life.

  4. Did you find out why? Random acts that make others smile. Should aim to do something like that on a weekly basis or something.

    • I did!
      It was advertising for a cable company actually.. =)
      Should do it on a weekly basis! That would be awesome..I’d love that..that’s something to think about!

  5. Did you see any people arrive to find their balloons!? That is super cool! 🙂 I’m a strong believer in doing nice things for other people. Even just a little thing to make them smile – love it! 🙂

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