Day 199..#NY bus driver catches girl, 7, in three-story plunge


I read a story today in the news that made me smile.

It could’ve had a terrible ending, but it didn’t..and I cannot remember the last time I heard something good in the news..


You can find the link to the story below:

NY Bus Driver Catches Girl, 7, In Three-Storey Plunge



It’s difficult raising children when a child has developmental disabilities, but thankfully the story didn’t end in tragedy.

As heart-stopping as the video is, it is also phenomenal!

He was definitely in the right place at the right time!


Hope you all had a good day =)


~ by originalapplejunkie on July 17, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 199..#NY bus driver catches girl, 7, in three-story plunge”

  1. that is awesome!!!

  2. I saw this just this evening on the news, but didn’t hear the story on it–they just showed the video. They said the man tore a muscle in his shoulder trying to catch her. WOW! Parenting is tough, no matter what. But I agree, having had two with developmental issues, it is a tad tougher.

    • I watched the video and my stomach dropped..but I think knowing that she was caught and that they are both okay makes me feel better..otherwise it makes me feel a little nauseous..
      I commend you..parenting isn’t easy..but you seem like you have fun with your boys =)

  3. Cool post! I actually just finished designing a poster for New York. Check it out

  4. I read the story too. It was a really happy ending for that little girl.

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