Day 193..#Oil and I Will NEVER Be Friends..

So I can’t type much in today’s post..

Yesterday I had a little accident in the kitchen..and suffered a minor 2nd degree burn and some minor 1st degree ones..

But it’s okay..I’m fine..

I don’t usually cook by frying things because I prefer baking and grilling and boiling..anything healthier than frying.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to make some chips. I put some oil into a pot and I set it on low. I ran back to my room to pause my tv show and went back to the kitchen.

I pulled the chips out of the freezer and opened the packet. Grabbing a handful, I turned around and lowered it into the pot. As soon as the first chip dropped the oil spat at me, hitting my fingers, the back of my palm and my chest.

After about a few seconds of screaming I went over to the sink and put the cold water on full blast.

Oh my gosh my hand hurt. I thought dentist pain was bad..A burn is much worse.

After running my hand under cold water for about 10 minutes, I pulled it out and went to my room to get my aloe vera gel and apply some. It made the pain worse..the stinging increased and the pain was intense. I thought it was because I hadn’t left my hand under the tap for long enough, so I went back to the kitchen, put in the plug and filled the sink up with water, adding some ice cubes to make it even colder. The pain was prominent. It was like my heart was beating in my finger. When the water started to get warm (after about 15 minutes) I removed my hand and realised that I hadn’t removed the gel before I submerged it back into the water. I got a tea towel and gently wiped it away. The burning sensation returned. I stood at the sink for another 15 minutes with my hand in the water hoping that when I took it out it would be cool.

I went online and started searching for ways to “take the sting out of an oil burn”..and found that toothpaste was a method used to stop pain. So I went back to my room and smeared a liberal amount of toothpaste on my finger as directed. It was HORRIBLE!

Application of the toothpaste..

At this point, I started to cry because it was really painful and I decided maybe to get myself to a doctor. I’d been burned before, but the pain was never this intense.

I took the bus to a hospital down the road from where I lived and waited. Finger still covered in toothpaste.

It didn’t seem like I’d been waiting that long..but the pain made it worse.

When I got to see a doctor, he wiped the toothpaste off my finger with some alcohol wipes and that’s when he realised that I had a 2nd degree burn.

It had started blistering underneath the toothpaste, and as he wiped it off the blister popped and my skin went with it.

It was so painful and I pulled my hand away and started crying again..*I usually have a high threshold for pain..but wow!*

He cleaned it up, put some sterile gauze over it loosely and prescribed me antibiotics and told me how to clean and change the dressing.

He looked at my chest and back of my palm where the oil has also hit and said that they looked okay, and were not serious.

Thank God!


Fun day..

Oil and I will never be friends!

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 11, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 193..#Oil and I Will NEVER Be Friends..”

  1. i know how u feel. once i was working at an auction house in the kitchen and accidently knocked over a huge silver coffee maker filled with hot coffee. it ran down to my ankle, soaking through my socks and giving me third degree burn. i could not even drive or think the pain was so bad. today i have a nice scar all the way around my ankle. lol, but no more pain. i used a product called Silver Cream, it is prescription and expensive, but takes all burn pain away immediately

  2. I refuse to hit the LIKE button!

    I told you to entertain yourself, girl, not burn yourself! YEESHK! That is absolutely rotten – I hope you’re feeling a lot better today! *Big hugs!*

    • LOL!
      Nothing personal about the Like button though..I know what you mean! I don’t think I’d hit like either :s
      I’m feeling cool..was supposed to wash my hair though..but now I gotta wait till the weekend to do it because of my finger..oh well..
      It was fun of course 😉

  3. Poor you. Burns are never fun and we see a lot of them here. Glad yours was ok in the end and you didn’t suffer anything worse than you did. bless you 🙂 x

  4. I think oil burns are bad because the oil retains the heat even after it leaves it’s heat source, so even after it lands on your hand or body, it’s still boiling hot. Ouchy! Hope it’s better by now!

    • I’ve been putting Aloe Vera gel on it several times a day..the skin is starting to peel..then I think it will start healing..but I’m allowing the process to do itself..I’m not rushing anything..I do not want a scar!

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