Day 189..#May They Rest in Peace..

I never missed a day of school.

From the age of 5 till the age of 16 I never had an unauthorised absence.

100% attendance and punctuality for 11 years.

This day, I was running late.

I lived one and a half hours away from my secondary school. School started at 8:35am..Well, registration did anyway.

I had to leave the house latest by 7:15am in order to catch my first bus to where I caught my second bus to get me to school on time.

Today I was running late. Everything was running late and I wasn’t pleased.

I was supposed to be performing a piece of poetry on behalf of my school in two places. On my way to school, I got a call from one of the teachers saying that there had been a change of plan. Instead of meeting them at the venue in Central London, I was to meet them at school and we were to go together.

I barely got to school on time..I ran to my Form Room and entered just as my name was being called. I’m first on the register and the rule was if you got to class before your name was called..or before the last persons name was called on the register, then you were not late.

I sat down breathless.

I went off to meet the teacher and other students at 8:45am. The start of the first period. We were running terribly late. The plan was to be on the train at Wood Green Station for 8:30am to make our way into Central London for 10am.

We were still waiting for one of the chaperones before we left at 9am.

We all hopped on the bus and took a detour to a Civic Centre where we met another member of staff and we headed to the train station.

When we got to the train station there was panic, it was closed and the teachers were confused. While we all stood there with the adults calling the venue, no one would tell us what was happening.

I pulled out my mobile to look at the time again. 37 missed calls and 14 messages.

“That’s weird” I thought to myself. They were from my parents, my aunt and some cousins.

I flashed my dad and he called me back before what felt like I’d even hung up the phone.

Where are you?!” he asked..

Er…Wood Green..” I answered..quite unsure where this was going.

I was thinking maybe he’d gotten a call to tell him I wasn’t in school by some weird stroke of luck and was checking to see where I was.

I heard him talking to someone else in the background.

I began to tell him that my performance was today and that I told him about it and I was with teachers from school.

There was an explosion on the Picadilly Line” he said.

Okay..” I replied hesitantly.

I turned to look at my teachers and repeated what my dad had said. They looked at me confused then asked to speak with him.

They spoke on the phone for about 15 minutes before the teacher hung up and went over to the other adults.

Then one of them walked away from the group and called the school.

We headed back to school and we asked what had happened and why we were no longer going to the performance.

We were told that “something bad had happened”, and we’d just have to rejoin our classes when we got back.

During lunch we found out what had happened.

That morning there had been reports that there had been “several explosions on the London Underground and on buses” and that it was most likely a terrorist attack.


That was the only time the being late, the several changes of plans and everything not going well that morning did not upset me.

If I’d not been running late in the morning, I would have left my house on time, jumped on the underground and I don’t know where I would have been whenever these blasts occurred. But I wasn’t. I left late, detoured and made my way to school and was safe.

English: Wood Green tube station northbound pl...

English: Wood Green tube station northbound platform looking south (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To those 52 people who lost their lives on July 7th 2005, may they rest in peace.

~ by originalapplejunkie on July 7, 2012.

9 Responses to “Day 189..#May They Rest in Peace..”

  1. i dare to say that God had been trying to let you know by all of the prior almost late issues. i hope all is going alright. i pray no one was injured. i am so sorry to hear this. we had a small terrorist attack today also, not national, but on the news. god please protect our countries

  2. I can’t believe how much time has passed since that day! I remember it well too. I was driving from Glasgow to a tiny fishing village, Culkein, in the far north of Scotland for my aunt’s wedding. My man, Mister T, and I had just started going out the day before! (That’s right, 7 year anniversary yesterday! CRAZY!) The roads up were incredibly busy, you will probably remember that it was the G8 (?) Summit and I think it was being held in Gleneagles, Scotland (where all the golf comps are!) and the road was just hellish. Police lined the road for miles. It was pretty scary. Then news of the bombings broke and we were all just utterly amazed. Totally shocked. We were fortunate because all of the ‘Londoners’ from our family were up in Scotland for the wedding. Still there were a lot of horrible, fraught phonecalls made. Thankfully no further bad news was held. Other people weren’t so lucky. R.I.P. indeed.

    • I can’t believe it either..that day is so clear to me..everything about that was so out of the ordinary for me I think that’s why..
      Funny you talk about the G8 summit (it was), I was part of that protest on July 2nd..well the Edinburgh march..that’s the only time I’ve been to Scotland and it was phenomenally beautiful..
      But it was a shocking day..I don’t think I realised the enormity of it until the day after or so..
      It was a sad day..

    • And congratulations on your anniversary!

      • Thank you! 🙂

        That’s very cool about coming to Scotland and I’m glad you liked it. You should definitely return and visit some other places, there are a lot of beautiful spots!

        Funnily enough my Mum and I are supposed to be taking a road trip through England. I do hope that happens! 🙂 Any places you’d recommend? 🙂

        Sometimes I just don’t understand why people do the things they do. This world is such a wonderful place but some really awful things happen in it. 😦

      • There are some beautiful landscapes in the North of England..miles and miles of green’s beautiful..
        Then when you start approaching the South (where I fades..

      • Lol! 🙂
        Well the North would be a good place for us to start. I would hate for us to exhaust ourselves with driving!

      • =)

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