Day 180..#Just a little bit of sunshine..!

Soooooooo…on June 14th, Mskatykins of Before I Forget nominated me for the Sunshine Award!!

I haven’t answered my awards for a while..because of the exam season..but now there’s no reason to not get it started!

Of late..I have been a little overwhelmed due to the amount of studies I’ve had to do..exams that clashed..being body trying to brain malfunctioning..but thank God I’ve come out of the other side’s been a trying one and a half months and I want to say I appreciate the patience you have all had with me and the daily encouragement I get from all of you! You are all one in a million and I really appreciate it!

So today, I’m saying a huge Thank You to Mskatykins again..who not only presented me this award, but who has also gone above and beyond her call of duty to accommodate my moaning..tiredness and general frustrations..she even made me this “My Attempts to Play Genie” to encourage me and wish me luck for the end of finals..when I read it..I immediately burst into tears..*embarrassed face*..It was stress..combined with genuine selflessness..and thoughtfulness that caused me to cry a river..and I just want to say thank you again for making me feel happy with that post! You are really awesome!!
*And yes..I did print it it’s sticking on my wall..tee he he*

She also has a great blog (and sub-blog now I believe..but I’m still catching up on emails :)..bear with me!)..and an amazing I think you should take some time and check her out!!

Okay, here go the rules!

Along with acknowledging and linking back to the person that  nominated you, the rules for this award say you must answer 10 questions about yourself and nominate “x” fellow bloggers 😛


  1. Favourite philosopher?
    Well..I have a few..but I think the one that jumps out at me right now is Aristotle 🙂
  2. Favourite bad habit?
    Apple juice..again and again..and again..
  3. Age?
    22 years, 9 months and 4 weeks old 😛
  4. Favourite time of day?
    Erm..I’d say the morning..I have so much can vouch for that!
  5. Favourite time of year?
    Any extended holiday period (namely Christmas), because then all my family comes over and we get to spend time together and catch up 🙂
  6. Favourite dead celebrity?
    Awkward question..erm..I can’t say I have one tbh..kinda weird..
  7. Favourite Christmas movie?
    Miracle on 34th’s the only one I remember right now!
  8. Favourite Vacation?
    Last friends wedding in Virginia Beach, VA
  9. Physical Activity?
    Running – Track and Field 😛
  10. Favourite thing?
    Helping others..and apple juice..mainly helping those who get me apple juice 😉 *iJoke of course he he*
Now I have to nominate “x” of my fellow bloggers..
As I don’t really follow rules..*he he* is my ONE nomination!! 😛
Diane Owens at In My Opinion!
Diane has a really cool blog..she answers one question every day..questions that have been provided to her by a number of sources and ones that she has also come up with or often thought about!
I love reading her opinion on what she thinks about various topics and look forward to what the next day will bring!
There are some emotive posts..some really funny ones..and definitely ones to make you think..versatility at it’s best 😛
She is a really open-minded and welcoming skip over to her page and check her out..
I hope you all had a wonderful day..and thank you again Mskatykins 😀

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 28, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day 180..#Just a little bit of sunshine..!”

  1. Wow, what a lovely, lovely comment. Thank you very much for that. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the post and that you have the funkyness in full colour to look at whenever!!! 🙂

  2. do glad your exams are over, when will u know the results? and congratulations on your award!!!! now sit back and relax………….

  3. Very well.

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