Day 179..#Her..

She was the dream I dreamt. -She was the perfection I perfected.

She is the happiness I need. She is the star that glows.

She is the blessing I pray for. She is the sky I look up to.

She is God’s Number 2 blessing. She is my one in a million.


People say that if you dream of someone who is perfect and you plan how they are the truth is that you’ll never meet them. The chance of meeting them is one in never, but since when do I listen to people. I went on and dreamt on about her the one who made smile by just a mere view of her. The one whose heart is made of goodness and when touched nothing bad comes near. I dream my dreams about her and pray my prayers about her. I had so much faith in meeting her. HER you want to know who she is, but if you knew you wouldn’t understand unless she was put in your dreams. Then you wouldn’t understand that she couldn’t be real. She is the star that shines so bright she just brightens up your life.


(c) 12/08/2006

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 27, 2012.

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