Day 178..#You know you’re tired when..

There’s never been a case where I’ve felt too tired to want to cook for myself..

Until now.

I’m hungry..don’t get me wrong..but like..the thought to cooking right now feels like I’d fall asleep whilst doing so..

And going out to get something is not an it’s also going to be some sort of mission to get my shoes on and walk myself out of my room..out the front door..down the stairs and to wherever it was I was going to I’m not really that big a fan of fast food (except BK..ha..which is also a 20 minute train ride way is that going to happen!)..

On another note..even though I am in Portugal this year..I am still enrolled at my University back home..meaning I still get emails and updates and everything..

Anyway, today I got an email from my University that the Pass Lists had come out for my course..this wave of excitement ran over me..I rushed to my laptop to check it out..

And I know what you’re thinking..why are you so excited when you’re not even there..ha ha!

I was supposed to be graduating this year before I decided to take this study period abroad..Anyway, I logged in and scanned the list..everything is they just put your student numbers up and whether you received a First Class Honours, Upper Second Class Honours, Second Class Honours, etc..and I spotted my friends ID number (she knows mine and I know hers in case the other isn’t there we look out for each others grades) and she got a FIRST CLASS HONOURS!!! One of 5 to receive one in our discipline, the third in our class AND the only girl (I!!!

I’m so proud of her!

That will be me graduating next year top of my class with the First Class Honours too!!

So this is me saying:

Congratulations Maysaa! You deserve’ve worked so hard and I hope you have an amazing time at Graduation! 

Qatar 2013! I’ll see you there!!!


~ by originalapplejunkie on June 26, 2012.

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