Day 177..#Cravings Part II let me just give you guys a run down about what has just transpired.

Today has been crazy 39 degrees celsius or 100 degrees was hot..

At around 6..a headache decided to float itself my I took an hour nap and got up..I studied for an hour then at 8 decided that I wanted to go and buy some ice lollies.

I don’t like I’m out here searching for Calippo multipacks..any sort of sorbet..or anything that I could have to quash this ridiculous wanting. I went to four stores and found nothing.
Nothing. Nada. Zip!
I was so annoyed I went back home and began to continue studying..even though I was really thinking about a nice icy cool ice lolly..yellow

So about an hour and 15 minutes ago I decided to up and leave my house to go on an ice-lolly, or as my friend called it; a popsicle run..ha ha..

That was at 21:45.

Basically during the course of studying part II that I was undertaking..I realised there was a shopping centre down the road from me that opened late I didn’t know..but since the supermarkets in Portugal close at 9pm..I’m guessing late enough!
So I hopped online and searched for the opening and closing times of the Vasco da Gama shopping centre..they close at 23:30..SCORE! AND! They have a huge supermarket called Continente which I was sure must have what I’m looking for. So I proceeded to Google-search the store and search “Gelados” (Portuguese for ice-cream) and I got 5 pages worth of hits!

I started down the first, ice-cream, ice-cream bars, frozen yoghurt..then I hit the third dirt! There it was Calippo and these other frozen fruit pop things!

That was it..I’d made my decision. I needed to go and I needed to have them.

Which brings me back to the beginning of the grabbed my keys, my purse and my phone and flew out of the house to the centre, and sure enough found what I was looking for!

But whilst I was there..something rather distressing happened.

I saw Burger King.

I was then torn between my love of all things BK and buying what I actually went there to buy.

I stood in the shopping centre for about 10 minutes in the same spot..thinking of the pros and cons of getting BK instead of getting the ice lollies I came to get.

After an agonising deliberation..I decided to go for the ice lollies. I mean..this is what I came here to get anyway..and even if I did get BK, then I’d still want the I made a good call..right?? are my treasures for the night!!

It ended up being 1L of tangerine sorbet which also worked out to be €0.90 cheaper than the 5 pack of Calippo I wanted to buy!!

Must do more night runs to this shopping centre..trip was awesome!

Now..back to the studying..pfft!

Procrastination is the root of all evil! Lol!

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 25, 2012.

5 Responses to “Day 177..#Cravings Part II”

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  2. Congratulations, I’ve just nominated you for the “Mrs. Sparkly Ten Commandments Award” Check out my post about it… !

  3. Amen about procrastination being the root of all evil!

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