Day 174..#Lovely Manic Day..

Today has been manic busy!

I’ve been trying to remain on schedule for my studying..and it’s a tight one!

I keep forgetting to factor in silly little things like the fact I have to cook food..I can’t just go to the kitchen and pull a ready meal out and heat it up..everything needs to be a 15 minute break..when food is needed turns into an hour!

If I had the time to pre-cook meals and store them..I so would have done that by now..but I have to make sure I stick to my schedule..which I have been doing splendidly for the past week..I started off slow..but it’s all good now..

One week remaining..

Like I promised you all..I will sleep..for a day or two..I can’t wait!


But was a really nice day (after all the drama and commotion subsided)..I spoke to my personal tutor from my University on Skype and we had a lovely wasn’t a long one..but it was so nice to speak to him again after such a long time!

He asked me “Should I be worried about you..or are you okay?”

Lol..Bless him!

I told him I’m doing okay..and of course..because I’m English..we spoke about the!

Apparently it’s been wet and grey and rainy for most of the “summer” they’ve had!

“You’re missing the worst British summer!” he exclaimed!

Yay, I thought..”So I should enjoy the 30 degrees then?” I asked laughing..


Lovely, lovely day!

I’m on a study break..and need to make some dinner as it’s now 23:01 and lunch was at 4pm..I idea..but I literally just cut up some potatoes and made some fries..

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the ones I made because I was eating them at the speed they were being cooked. Lol
Image Courtesy of

I don’t usually stand and eat..but as I had to fry them in they came out..and were cooling..I was eating that batch..then the next one was done..and the cycle continued until 2 batches from the end I walked away from them and did some dishes so I would be about to sit down and finish the rest..

I had them with a little bit of salt and Ketchup..mmmm.. home-made fries..


Oh and it’s going to be another phenomenal weather week in Lisbon next week

I hope everyone is having awesome weather too..

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 22, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day 174..#Lovely Manic Day..”

  1. glad you are sticking to your schedule, it will pay off for you. those fries did look good. i have made my own also at times. taste better than restaurant. lately though i have been buying the sweet potato fries for the carb content. they are pretty good, but not used to the sweetness of them yet

    • I’ll have to try sweet potato fries..mmm..
      I used to eat potatoes all the time..I’d eat them every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch if I could! But over the holidays I had an allergic reaction and actually found out that I’m allergic to the natural starch in potatoes..I never used to be..but apparently it can occur because of prolonged exposure to potatoes which translates to = you’ve been eating/peeling *way too many* potatoes..looool!
      I miss them..

  2. It sounds like you’re getting there! I was going to say, if those were the chips you made, they look amazing!

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