Day 173..#New York Public Library..

Last summer..I had the wonderful joy of going to a friend’s wedding (that I blogged about here) in Virginia Beach, VA! It was wonderful..everything gloriously amazing!

Following my stay in VA, I went onto Secaucus, New Jersey, then onto New York City. It was my first time in all three places and I found the overall trip remarkable! It wasn’t as busy as people had described in NYC, which I was kind of glad about and I looked forward to exploring.

I walked around for a few days..trying to get my bearings then I stumbled across the New York Public Library.

I like reading. Lol. So I went in.

The library was HUGE! And it looked eerily familiar..but I’d never been to I couldn’t put my finger on it..

Here are some photo’s..

The New York Public Library – Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

Named Endowment Funds on one of the walls

A Painting on the First Floor..

The Ceiling..

Another Ceiling..

Silent Working..

Biblical Painting..

Corridor with viewing rooms for historical pieces..

The Foyer..

Another Shot of the Foyer/Exit

Partial outdoor view..

I remember after I’d taken all the photographs that this is also where they shot some of the scenes from Sex and the City The Movie..which is why it seemed so familiar! ha ha!

Anyway..if you’re ever in New York City, you should really go and’s a beautiful building!

Please forgive me if the images aren’t 100%..I hadn’t charged my camera, so I took these on my phone 🙂

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 21, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 173..#New York Public Library..”

  1. i have never seen such a gorgeous library before. so beautiful. i am so happy you shared this with me

  2. Awesome. I can’t believe I haven’t gone in the NYC library. Next time tho!

    So glad you posted your photos.

  3. Wow – an amazing building! It reminds me of the library in the film “the Day after Tomorrow”. Very similar buildings I think!

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