Day 172..#Ms Katykins, Weddings and “Missile” Attacks!

So..Weird happenings this morning!

I had a dream that I was attending the wedding of fellow blogger Ms Katykins! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Shock, shock!

No..we have never met..and I do not know her outside the blogosphere..but I’ve seen pictures and she looked like what she looked like in her pictures in my dream (You’re probably thinking DUH! Because that’s her! But that’s not the point!) was a very nice (and crowded) outdoor ceremony..a lot of hustle and bustle..but maybe it was the reception..mmmm..anyway, I remember very distinctly a baby had caught my attention (As they do! Lol! I’m a sucker for kids! I can’t help it!)

He was being held by a man I’m assuming to be his father..his name was Cain and he was the sweetest baby ever! Absolutely gorgeous with the most shockingly blue eyes.

I went over and said hi to Cain (I knew him apparently) and blew a raspberry into his neck (he was about 7-9 months old I think)..he giggled then looked at me like he was trying to suss out who I was.

The man looked at me and started saying..”I know you, I remember who you are..wait..don’t tell me..” And then he said my name and asked how I was doing and everything ๐Ÿ™‚

Daniel Craig Courtesy of *drools*

Then the scene changed and we were at the airport and 3 famous actors or footballers were there..but I can’t remember who (they were probably actors..I don’t get excited about footballers unless they’re David Beckham..and none of them were!) ..but in my dream I was like O.M.G! It was like it was out of Mission Impossible or something (I’m getting a strong feeling that the first guy I saw was Daniel Craig!)..and I remember one of them as being quite short! It was crazy!

Then something started some sort of ย missile attack and I looked over to near a window where a woman (who was my friend and I think Cain’s mother) stood with Cain in the pram and this “missile” went hurtling towards her..I screamed for her to get out of the way and she did..narrowly missing whatever it was..

This happened a few more times..then everyone seemed to appear unscathed.

Then I woke up.


Are my dreams *always* so random?



~ by originalapplejunkie on June 20, 2012.

14 Responses to “Day 172..#Ms Katykins, Weddings and “Missile” Attacks!”

  1. exciting dream……love it!!

  2. That is so funny and utterly bizarre! Thank you for the inspiration for my wedding day, he he he! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wierd! Maybe in your sleepy state thinking about how you’d like to be married and have a family of your own, getting all clucky over the kid – you know what a romantic you are. The actors or footballers represent the perfect husband: handsome, athletic and successful, the airport represents a crossroads in your life, the hub of many possible journeys and the missile is a self-destructive element where you think that you are not ready.
    Or maybe I’m just barking up the wrong tree entirely and its just a dream?

    • Oh.My.Gosh.
      That’s probably the most accurate depiction of one of my dreams that I’ve had..that actually makes sense.
      Not that I expect it not to.
      You are Bones. Of course it makes sense..
      Guru Bones..has a nice ring to it..

      • Grrrrr Bones more like it…hehehehe
        My dad says that I kick my legs in the air and growl when I’m dreaming, it’s probably because I’m chasing cats, other dogs, bears etc. Do you kick your legs and growl?

      • Kick my legs maybe..sometimes..not too sure about the growling

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