Day 168..#My New Love of Mushrooms..


I was hungry the other day..but I wasn’t hungry enough to warrant cooking myself a whole meal..

So I wondered to myself..what can I eat that’s quick..and healthy..

(after my post yesterday..I think I should counterbalance the “unhealthy”

I thought..what do I have in the house??

I had mushrooms..

I had onions..

I had bread..

(amongst other things..but I wanted something that was light yet filling at the same time 😛)

So I thought..I could caramelise some onions and sauté some mushrooms and then use that to top some bread I have..

This was the end result 😛

I toasted the little bits of bread, then piled on the mushroom and onion mix that I’d made and voilà!

It took all of 15 minutes to make and it was PACKED with flavour..

It will definitely be a go-to snack for me..

Off to make some more now 😛



~ by originalapplejunkie on June 16, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 168..#My New Love of Mushrooms..”

  1. how did it taste??? it looks good and the best thing,,,,,,,,it’s easy!!

  2. Great work! Love it when you find random things to make from very little! 🙂

  3. Looks decent Chef Ratatouille

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