Day 167..#Cravings..

For the past few weeks, I’ve been craving a burger..

Not just any burger

Yes. The Burger King Double Whopper (no cheese), fries and a large Sprite/Fanta with no ice.


This is the burger of all burgers. And I need it. It will make me happy (LOOOOL!)

That’s right. Not’s not one of those “well, you know, it’d be nice to have one..” kind of moments..NO!

aaaaaargh! dsoahfablasj;!!!!!


As much as I dislike junk food with a passion..this is’s special..

And their fries!! Don’t even get me started!


And I know you’ll probably ask..why don’t you make it yourself..??

BECAUSE *she begins to cry* won’t be the same! 😦

I don’t care about the calories..or how good..or is for me..because I really don’t even consume food from outdoors a lot (because I prefer to cook)..and if I’s always BK..and right now is one of those moments where I need some BK in my life..

Yes. Right now. Actually scratch that. Yesterday.


On another note..I also want buffalo I’ll probably be cooking those soon enough too..ooh..and Sticky BBQ wings..salt and pepper wings..

*she drools on her keyboard..*


Maybe it’s time for!

~ by originalapplejunkie on June 15, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 167..#Cravings..”

  1. when i was expecting for my first child, i craved cheesebugers on a daily basis for a few weeks………….lol

  2. And when you’re done, you can try one of their new bacon sundaes. Yep, bacon!

  3. Are there no BKs in Portugal?!?! I’m not a fan of BK and I detest MacDonalds! With a passion!

    However, living on ‘the island’ I have missed meatball subs from Subway, not that I go there often. But still, they’re nice on occasion…

    …Mmm, a meatball sub would be good… so tasty… Shut-up, Kate – you’re just hungry for your dinner!

    Good luck with the cravings! 😉

    • I learnt the location of one yesterday! I am yet to visit..but I’m excited! 😀
      I haven’t eaten McD’s in about 7 years..I HATE it..uurgh..thinking about it just makes me nauseous..
      I can’t eat meatball subs anymore..I won’t tell u why..but I’ll just day I wasn’t feeling too well..and decided to have one and it wasn’t the best decision I

      • Oh, I thought you were going to say something like it wasn’t real meat… 😉 That’s partly why I don’t eat MacDonald’s – found something funky in a chicken burger, funnily enough 7 years ago – maybe it was a bad year! 😉

      • Could be a bad year..definitely could like it!

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