8 Responses to “Day 148..#Paranoid..”

  1. Oh my gosh, OAJ, you sound just like me. I am constantly telling me man that I think I’m going to die during the night (man, what’s that all about?!?). I think that you lose perspective when it’s late and you’re tired and you’re hearing weird noises. A lot of the time it’s just the sound of the house breathing, if that makes sense? Houses and buildings do that and it’s not ’til we’re alone that we register them and allow them to freak us out! Ha! I hope you are feeling better now! 🙂 Bloody shower curtains… they were invented to be scary!

    • Yeah..I get what you mean..and I appreciate that the house has to breathe..but come on..in that state of mind I could’ve sent myself into some sort of crazed panic frenzy..*more crazed that the one I presented here!* lol
      And another reason I was freaked out..is because I heard a text message come through on a phone in another room in a tone that was not familiar to any of the phones that we have in the house..I *KNOW* how everyone’s text message tone sounds..and this one wasn’t any of ours..(ours = mine or my flat mates!) But it turns out..one of my flat mates had a friend come from Italy and she left her phone here..and that was the sound I heard..but did I know that?! NOOOOO!

      • OHHH! The dead of night sucks so bad sometimes!

        It’s so hot here right now and I can’t deal with the heat! I found it so hard to sleep and then I had two really vivid nightmares. When I woke up from the first, I felt really distressed by it and then I could hear these two people arguing outside (2am!) and that freaked me out more! Everything feels so much better in the morning when normal noise starts to fill the place up again! 🙂

      • I completely agree! I don’t like the noises of the house..and now even more so..

  2. It’s funny when stuff like that happens. It’s not funny when you’re in it, but when you realize what’s what, you can laugh.

  3. Bless you – you must have been terrified! You’re just like my wife!!

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