Day 147..#There’s Something in the Air

Today has been a *weird* day.

I can’t even explain how weird..and socially awkward..and sad it has been for the most part.

I received some jaw-dropping news today from my father..terrible news that I don’t think I have even processed.

I haven’t said it out loud yet. Because that would make it real. It can’t be real.

Then I got to work.

*I seriously need to figure out another way to study..*

I started a new topic..and got stuck on the first question of like 40 or so.

I was not impressed.

But I am still trying to figure it out..

I do not give up on things just because they are much as I would like to. I cannot. That’s not the way I operate.


Anyway. Like I said. Weird day.

There’s clearly something in the air.

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 26, 2012.

5 Responses to “Day 147..#There’s Something in the Air”

  1. That doesn’t sound too good. I hope you’re alright? I also hope that you’ve got good folk around you to deal with it. Sometimes life is crazy weird!!!

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