Day 145..#Excuses..

From the module “Economics & Public Finance”

Being unproductive..

..Or in my case..procrastinating.


That wasn’t my intention when I woke up this morning. I had my “day-off” from studying after my last day of classes on Monday and thought to myself that was going to be it for a while.

Then came today.

It was the Erasmus Lunch. The leavers lunch to say thank you for choosing Lisbon, and we wish you the best of luck with life.

It was a lovely 3 course lunch of Carrot and Potato soup, a beef main, and fruity dessert. Post-lunch, a sleepy and hot me wandered over to the computer suite and proceeded to check my emails. I had arranged to meet with some Outgoing students who were to be attending my University in the fall and spring of this year and early next. We talked for what seemed like minutes..upon looking at the time, I realised 3 hours had passed.

I still hadn’t opened a book! Hadn’t read my notes..hadn’t opened my bag.

I felt kinda bummed.

On the way home I texted a friend about not being sure about whether I wanted to cook or not..then deciding that I probably would..he was as shocked as I was that I hadn’t studied any today..I felt ashamed to admit it..

I got home and thought of all the reasons why there was no point in my studying I proceeded to pick up reading the news from where I left off before I headed out in the morning..

Now I’m here..typing this..still procrastinating..

When I finish this..I’d have read one section of the five that I’d have to have done today..

*excuse* I can only work at night..

*excuse* I’m watching the news so it’s okay..

*excuse* There’s no point me starting to study’s too late anyway!


Uurgh! The way I procrastinate at times makes me sick!

And I wouldn’t even call it a habit! I’m usually so good at time management..but it’s slipped away from me a little this year I will admit..

Now I’m going to get back to it before I think up another reason about why I shouldn’t.



~ by originalapplejunkie on May 24, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day 145..#Excuses..”

  1. Procrastination can at times get the best of us. Don’t let yourself get discouraged tomorrow is only a day away.

  2. Hang in there…:)

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