Day 139..#Another Versatile Blogger Award!

So this week has been a disaster to say the least..

I haven’t really felt like posting anything..because most days..I didn’t think you would want to hear how sad I was..

I’ve cried more times than I will care to I’m extremely happy it has all finally come to an end!

Bring on the weekend!

Today I forgot to take my hayfever tablets..I only remembered when I was at school and I couldn’t understand why my eyes were itchy..I hate itchy eyes..and until you go to sleep and wake up..that annoying itchy feeling you have something in your eye that you need to get out..but it’s like stuck to the inside of your eyelid..

*You get the picture!*


Today at 18:02, I finished a piece of work and sent it out to the rest of my group. Like finally!

They have been waiting for me to send my piece since last weekend..and I am really not a person when it comes to these I was extremely disgusted with my excuses permitted..I messed up..It happens from time to time. The most important thing, I got it done right?

Yeah..I thought so too! =)


When I finished my work, I thought maybe it was time to check my email!

I was so elated (oooh..word I haven’t used in a mother would be!) to find that I’d been nominated for another Versatile Blogger Award! This time it was from For His Glory and Praise!

Since I have started following her, I have learnt so much about her as an amazing Godfearing woman! She is a wonderful blogger! She homeschools her daughter JK and often times directs us to her website to show us what she has been getting up to and whatever I read is always so refreshing! She is a thoughtful woman who when offers advice and guidance does so in a way so profound it blows you away! I look forward to her posts and updates on her life, family, health and other topics.
I’m happy I get to read her posts on a daily basis. I can honestly say I am always blessed and inspired!

Now for the rules (boooo..hissss! lol):

  1. Nominate 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging (or whose blogs you enjoy the most)
  2. Let them know you have nominated them
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post

So having done numbers four and five..and bending slightly the rules of number one *he he*, I will only nominate one blog!

My nominee is Tola at Muddy Pearls. This girl is like..short of amazing! I find that whenever I read her posts I can relate..we seem to be very much alike! If you haven’t checked out her is filled with wisdom, knowledge, lessons and the love she shares by working in the youth ministry! Whenever I read her posts, I am inspired! So I thought this would be perfect for her!

Number 2, I will complete once this has been posted! Hold your horses!

Now for number 3..7 random facts about myself..let’s see..

  1. I never tried Sushi until I came to I am totally in love with the things..I had some for lunch today..mmmm..Sushi 😛
  2.  My shoe size ranges between a 5 and a 7 (European 38-40, US 7 1/2 – 9 1/2..I think lol) depends on the season and whether its the morning or the evening..but generally my perfect size would be a 6 1/2.
  3. I often times watch people to gage what kind of person they are before interacting with them..not pre-judging them..but just watching them
  4. I sing everywhere. All the time. And usually dance along to the singing. I’ve actually sung myself to sleep once before..t’was awesome!
  5. My favourite cuisines are Mexican, Afro-Caribbean and Chinese
  6. I only learnt how to use chopsticks last I am a pro!
  7. I have a fear of falling asleep in public places – no matter how tired am..even if I want body never lets me..and I don’t quite know why..

So now all of the requirements are complete!

Thank you once again to For His Glory and Praise for nominating me for this award!

Muito Obrigada! =)

~ by originalapplejunkie on May 18, 2012.

13 Responses to “Day 139..#Another Versatile Blogger Award!”

  1. congratulations! your shoe size is so small, lol, mine is an 8

  2. You deserve it, Apple. Congratulations!

  3. Awwwwww… you are so sweet and awesome! I was completely shocked to read my name as the nominee. I literally did a double take. I was definitely not expecting that! Thank you sooooooo much! I agree… I feel like we are so similar, and I am so encouraged by your posts also! [[sending many many virtual hugs and smiles your way]] lol =D

    • I don’t think you realise how unique and remarkable you are! A positive spirit who is clearly learning from life experience and enjoys teaching others..
      Don’t be shocked! You are phenomenal and God is surely doing incredible works for those kids through you and everyone else you encounter!!
      Congratulations again!

  4. Good for you with those chopsticks… I have given up on them… You’re in Portugal?

    • I had no choice..If I wanted to eat I had to learn!
      I am in Portugal on a Study Abroad exchange..I have been here since September 2011 and I leave to go back home in July 🙂 (Home being the UK)

  5. Congratulations and you are welcome!

  6. […] Day 139..#Another Versatile Blogger Award! ( […]

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