Day 130..#Dear WordPress..

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Dear WordPress,

Over the past few weeks I have put up with your multiple emails, spontaneous uploads, self-refreshed deletings and outright disregard for my blog posts and those of my fellow bloggers.

I have suffered silently as my inbox filled up with 1,146 emails all notifying me that someone new had commented on a post I’d also commented on.

I pleaded and begged with you to stop taunting me. I hadn’t checked my email in what I thought was 3 days. It turned out to be 5. When I eventually got round to it, it took me two days to catch up. Since when has my email been my life? Hmm?

Again, today you try to upset me. Tell me in red writing “You are posting comments too fast. Slow down.


If you are planning on going rogue. Don’t. For some reason I don’t quite think it’ll work for you.

For a while I thought I was going crazy thinking I had ticked that little grey box allowing you to notify me of every single comment..not knowing that it was a ploy for you to try to overwhelm me with a chore too big to complete without feeling pressure.

WordPress, what I’m trying to say is that I’m tired.

I don’t know how observant you are, but in case you don’t know, I’m going to give you the 522 (I would say 411, but as innovative as you have become, I thought you’d be able to handle a little sophisticated inflow).

I’m a University student. A University student living in Portugal. A University student living in Portugal away from my family and friends in the United Kingdom (even though I have made a lot of amazing new friends through the blogosphere). Right now, the semester is coming to an end which means exams are beginning. Let me tell you what this means.

This means I have 6 exams, an individual report, 2 presentations and a group report to complete between now and June 15th. As much as I appreciate you trying to “help” me by sending me trivial information that has no bearing to anything that presently concerns me..I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t.

As you can imagine, the weight of my workload is a little overwhelming and having so many emails to check only adds to my displeasure as I could be doing something else, like say any one of the other things I have on my list to do.

As a result, what usually takes me an hour has now begun taking checking my emails now feels like a chore. I don’t understand how I go to sleep with no email and wake up with 74, then come lunch time it’s up to 165, and by the time the end of the day rolls round, I’m up to a cool 250-300. Now multiply that by 5 days.

You see why I’m not amused.

I’d really appreciate it if you could stop being so helpful and fixing things that are not broken.

Today when I tried to subscribe to bloggers that I liked, it allowed me to follow, however I never received confirmation emails..and when I visit their blogs, I see posts that I haven’t received. This could be something you chose to look into *hint*

Anyway..I’m not criticising you..all of what I’m saying..I’m saying in love. Please don’t be upset and send me a further 100 emails overnight to stress me out in the morning..I miss those casual know the ones where you wake up and your inbox contains *at most* 12 emails.

I’d love to go back to the good old days WP, you know..for old time sake?

But that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter, as I thought I’d maybe try to draw some pity from you so you can stop bombarding me with things that are in no way my concern.

And if you could..could you please stop sending my comments to my spam box when they are not spam..Spam is a canned meat product that is made mainly using ham.


Yours Sincerely,

A very hard-working student,


~ by originalapplejunkie on May 9, 2012.

46 Responses to “Day 130..#Dear WordPress..”

  1. 3 cheers for Apple! rah rah rah. i went to my settings and unchecked the send comments. that has taken care of most of it…….

  2. Wow, you’re so nice about it. I’ve been spitting nails over this for the last couple of days. I realize we’re all “freeloaders” on WordPress, and they cater to their advertisers, but without our blogs, they wouldn’t have any page views to sell to advertisers!

  3. ARRRH! Your comments are now ending up in my spam!!!! That has never happened before!

  4. Dear Ms. Junkie,
    at the risk of being the cause of 1000 emails, or indeed not appearing at all, I have to say – very well put. I wish you well with your exams. I would like to have a quiet chat with the person who thought it would be a good idea to mail someone if anyone managed to comment anywhere. You have my respect.

    • Thank you..
      As much as I tried to ignore writing about started to become frustrating when trying to do work and knowing I have “x” amount of emails that would sit there until they’d be checked and continue to increase. It hasn’t been a problem until now. That is saying something..
      Thank you for the well wishes!

  5. I wish I could just add my name to the bottom of this letter like a petition..I’m averaging over 400 emails an hour…Now i’m afraid to comment!!! And yes, i tried the unchecking thing and WP just hates me…

  6. I also feel self-conscious about being a big mouth commenter…Thanks, WP….I’m now struggling with self-esteem issues.. 😦

    • I know right!
      I have this weird feeling they are monitoring our movements on here..
      I was reading a blog on here the other day about a woman who had a blog blocked by WP because of some spam issues or something..*looks around worried*

      • mmm..That is a little Big Brotherish if you ask me…Not Cool… Maybe it was something like kiddie porn, though. In that case, block away, WP, but spamming issues? How is one supposed to control that? I’m always deleting spam crap about viagra or porn…I didn’t ask them to troll my site!!

      • Exactly! I mainly get spam about teeth’s kinda weird if you ask me..

      • lol..It is your dentist posts…I imagine when I wrote about sexual abuse and shame, the “trolling widget” for some of those sites just picked up the word “sex” and went for it. I imagine that is how they “fish”.

      • That makes so much sense!

      • Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile… 🙂 I imagine that trolling thing works for those nasty sites!!

      • Very True!

  7. You made need to clear your cache and/or your cookies. The memory can cause problems like this, at times. May work…then again, may not. Worth a try, though.

  8. I hear ya. Hey, you have to uncheck that little box that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” under the comment box when commenting on a blog. For some reason they make it checked by default now lol. If you do that on a very popular blog you’ll get like a million emails

  9. Well, take a look at my last post, it was from another blogger who had some insight into this that I thought was very enlightening…

  10. Now THIS should get “freshly pressed” !!! WP has been really frustrating the last couple of weeks…I’m so glad you posted this! 🙂

    • I was starting to lose my patience. On a normal day it wouldnt bother me, but when I have a million and one other things to do it gets frustrating..
      So I’ve noticed there’s a theme to what gets “freshly pressed”..most of the posts have to be about, travel, food or
      But if I never get freshly pressed I don’t mind..we have an awesome following could be more awesome..but I don’t quite think the world is ready for all of us!

      • LOL….I think you’re right…the world may never be ready! 🙂

      • ha ha ha

      • If I may interrupt, I find most writers/bloggers want to write words, but it seems most readers want to read pictures. No criticism, just an observation. Perhaps if pictures of fluffy chics and trees in meadows, horses waking in the misty paddock at dawn, bright clouds over mountains, smiling children in a sweetshop, etc,. were included in the post, then WP may not notice the text. Too cynical? Wonderful. The first post didn’t stick. Good job I am getting used to copying the test. This is beginning to be fun.

      • lol..I completely agree..I find it to be a valid observation in my opinion..very well said!

  11. Ha! I thought it was just me. WP just hasn’t been acting right lately. I have a bunch of Facebook followers that aren’t getting notified of my posts, and like you, I am getting no notifications of the posts of new blogs I’ve recently subscribed to follow.

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