Day 117..#Best Follower Award!

Another award you say?!

Lol! Hey guys!

So yes! I have been given another award (all of these awards didn’t come this week..but I’ve back logged them and thought I may catch up with all of them in one week! That’s why they’ve been coming back to back! 🙂)

Image Courtesy of

This award was given to me again, by the amazing Bird (from Everyone Has A Story..) and was an award created by one of her followers Adurna Blue!

About Bird..she’s one of a kind you know..the kind of person that to go from A to B will go from A to H to S to I to W to L before she got to B. I love how she is the loveliest way that could ever be expressed. She has been through hard times and she writes about them..adding humour at times..whilst in other instances has the most remarkable tales you have heard (all of which are true! Hmm..maybe we should film you’d make for very interesting TV! *he he*).
She is a kind, motherly and encouaging woman..she gives thoughtful advice and is brutally honest (which I’ve said before in a previous post..but I repeat again because sometimes I wish I had the courage to do the same).
Bird is a phenomenal woman..she cares..and always wants to help others..she is a purposeful woman who has God on her side also making her a powerful woman! Her blog is filled with the musings of a mother, a wife, a child, a daughter and most of all a friend. I am so glad I “found” Bird (or she found me..I can’t quite remember to be honest)..but I’m grateful nonetheless and appreciate her warmth and banter every day..what are you waiting for..——> Click me!

Okay so there are no rules for this post..but Bird made some up that I would like to follow!

1: Who was your first follower?

My first follower was actually Jackie Paulson at She is this amazing bubbly woman whose posts always make me smile no matter what..if they are not beautiful photographs, they can be encouraging words and I thank her for that!

2: Pass it onto 3 faithful followers of your site nominees areeeeee:

New View From Here –
He produces remarkable poems and always finds time to share the joys of whatever is currently happening in his life..he really is a superdad and always has the right things to say! (His comments always..*always* make me :P)

All Things Boys –
A great blog about a mother and her three *rather funny* teenage boys..their travels..her amazing photography and what her life entails in general..I enjoy reading her stories and looking at her photographs..for an “amateur” photographer..what she captures is amazing!

Bones Diary –
This is a blog following the life of a lovely little dog called Bones..and is written by Bones (he’s very clever!)  He talks about what life is like living with his parents..other siblings and the cats..He’s a very loving and playful dog who just wants to have fun!

And of course I connect with Bird! 😛

Those are my three (four;)) followers!

Thank you Bird for another award! You rock! 🙂

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 26, 2012.

13 Responses to “Day 117..#Best Follower Award!”

  1. Thank you apple! I’m thinking the image should be a goose with a bunch of babies following… 🙂 Love your blog, and thanks for the nomination!

  2. you deserve any award out there. i think u r pretty teriffic!!

  3. So thanks for coming over to my place and calling me out as a “stalker”! lol…it is funny how many other blogs we both are readers/commenters on…such as the fabulous “allthingsboys” above 🙂

    And seriously, thank you for the “award.” You’re one of the best commenters & encouragers out there, so it means a lot that you enjoy my ramblings over here on your site 🙂 Thanks also for calling me “Superdad”…I dreamed of being “superman” when I grew up, but I have to say: being Superdad is WAY cooler!

    Hope your teeth/mouth are feeling awesome today!

    • I never said you were a stalker? Who said that? *she looks around nervously* tee he he
      We do follow a lot of the same blogs..and seriously allthingsboys is crazy hilarious..I’m sure you’ve read the leap year had me laughing for a while..ha ha ha!
      You are welcome! And it’s the truth..and I really do enjoy your comments (not!
      Lol..Superdad is way cooler than Superman..pffft! Superman wasn’t real anyway! lool!

  4. you get so many awards!!

    • LOOOL!
      They didn’t all come this week!
      They’ve come over two I thought I needed to start posting them because it was getting ridiculous! much for organisation *he he*

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  6. Aww thanks Apples, you’re one of my best friends in the whole wide world. I’ll get around to nominating some of my own eventually but in the meantime thanks again. Love Bones

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