Day 116..#Sunshine Award!

Today is a National Holiday in Portugal..

I know..I’s the middle of the week..but today marks the day of the Portuguese Revolution (or Freedom Day)..good thing it is a Bank Holiday though..because it’s actually raining outside..*shock shock!*

No school today for me..meaning I’ve been able to get this tooth pain under some control and revert back to my trusty mashed potatoes with spicy tomato sauce with some peaches for point trying to run before I can crawl..

So, the award of today is the Sunshine Award! 😛

This was awarded to me some time ago by Bird (if you don’t know her check her out at Everyone Has A Story..she’s *awesome*)

Now the rules are as follows:

  1. Include the logo award in your post..check!
  2. Answer some questions about yourself (I think it’s 6 more random things about me)..check!
  3. Nominate some of the other bloggers that you love..check!
  4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated..checking as we speak!
  5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you..and check!
Six Random things about me..
  1. I used to be a very shy person who only spoke when spoken to
  2. I used to be very angry..all the time..not so much any more..but sometimes waves of anger come over me for no reason at all and I find myself mad and I can’t explain’s something difficult that I’m really trying to work on..
  3. I never started wearing trousers until I was 15..everyone used to think I was Jewish, but my parents are just very traditional
  4. I wanted to be in the air mother wouldn’t let me
  5. I have a secret love of uniforms..and I love wearing them..which is also what prompted me to want to become an air hostess’m still looking into that..seriously 😛
  6. I don’t wear make up..partially because I don’t know how to use or apply any of it..and partially because I don’t really think I need it..I do however wear lip gloss 😀


My Nominee’s

If Bird never awarded this to me..I’d send it right back to her..because she always makes me smile! There’s something very peaceful and caring about her that comes across so audibly in her writing..

The bloggers I’m about to nominate are phenomenal. They are inspirational on so many different levels and have recently been helping me discover more about who I am and the plans God has in my life.

Many times I find myself commenting and releasing information about me that I’d usually keep to myself..but I express myself on their posts..unashamed..because I’ve worked through it and it has become a testimony for me. Their faith strong and their minds open..the fear I had of being condemned or judged I found was a lie..and I find myself growing and learning as I delve into their words every day.

I find myself drawn to their posts and finding that I can relate to almost every one and compare who I the person I’m becoming now. I have no other words but praise and encouragement..keep on keeping on..You encourage and inspire people daily!

  1. Forhisgloryandpraise
  2. Walter Bright
  3. Changedbyhim
  4. Chiefofleast
  5. Corinna
  6. Servehiminthewaiting

Thanks again for the award Bird!! 😛

Now to catch up on 2 days worth of emails..wish me!

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 25, 2012.

35 Responses to “Day 116..#Sunshine Award!”

  1. Seems you’re really getting famous!
    Congrats again!

    • loool..thanks Scott..these have been long overdue though..I’m only just catching up! It’s terrible! But no more! I shall be very much on time if this should happen

  2. Congrats!

  3. you soooooooooo deserve this. congratulations!!!!

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  5. Thanks for the nomination apple girl 🙂

  6. What a great idea and an honor to be nominated! You are uniquely and wonderfully made – let no one tell you otherwise! Your identity is in Christ, and then the world might shake a little or turn upside down – you are still a beloved child, set apart as holy, loved and guided by God!

    I merely speaking from a point of learning this myself and establishing it in myself… But repeating His word, memorizing it, writing down the testimonies you have in your life (even the little ones) helps tremendously! Have you ever read your diary from a few years ago? You remember things you forgot and it’s the same with testimonies – God helped you through many things, uncovered many lies spoken over you and you learned and grew and as you read about them, you remember His good works in your life.

    Ok, so much text…I didn’t plan to reply with a novel, sorry. Just thought it might speak to you and lift you up even higher!

    Thank you for the nomination! =)

    • Thank you for writing such a wonderful reply!
      I have a habit of writing things down..more so now than I did then (or would have liked to).
      I’m trying to stay in His Word..everyday which is something that’s becoming a habit in opposed to a chore and it’s wonderful!
      The world tried to shake me..and for a while..a long while..they were winning..but I’m taking back my life from them and giving it back to Christ and trusting He will fight for me on my behalf..and I’m not looking back!

      Thank you again for the encouraging words..and you deserve the nomination..congratulations!

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  8. Congratulations and thank you for nominating my blog! I’m also glad your tooth is feeling better now. Praise God for his answers to my prayers for you.

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  10. Thank you for your lovely compliment!! You’re a sweetheart!!

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  14. You da woman! Keep up the great work girl and thanks for the generous shout out!

  15. Wonderful news and well earned! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re on the mend! 🙂

  16. 3 things…First you are a lovely girl and don’t need makeup. You are beautiful inside and out. Second, Congratulations on your award, you so deserve it! Third thank you for the nomination. In a few days I will blog it…when I’m feeling a little better. I have another one to do as well, so I will do them together.

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