Day 110..#Dentist Update

So I’ve just got back from the’s 20:06 and I’m in so. much. pain.

They kept me waiting for a while after they finished the procedure..and the pain set in before I could even get to the pharmacy to get my prescription.

I got the painkillers and wanted to take them..but then she told me I had to eat..and I hadn’t.

So I just got home..I somehow have to mouth is bleeding and my cheek/lips are still numb.

My house is currently very noisy. I don’t do noise well when I’m in pain 😦


The actual procedure was okay.

But currently..I’m in so. much. pain.

I’ll update you guys tomorrow if I’m feeling better..hopefully I will be.

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 19, 2012.

29 Responses to “Day 110..#Dentist Update”

  1. i hate going to the dentist

  2. Hope you feel better soon 😦

  3. I hope the meds help and the pain doesn’t last long.

  4. I pray you are feeling better asap 🙂

  5. Sorry you are hurting so badly!! Please tell me you’ve now taken the pain killers and are feeling better!

    • I had to eat..which was tough because my gum was bleeding but I had to eat cuz the medicine they prescribed was so strong and said they would hurt on an empty stomach..after eating..and taking the painkillers..I actually fell asleep because my jaw hurt..and I woke up later on..about 12:30am ish feeling fine! I’ve had little pain today..not as much as yesterday..but I’m learning! lol
      Thanks for checking up on me! 😛

  6. You poor thing…I’ll say a prayer for you. Might try something cold like a popsicle or such to help slow the bleeding, keep swelling down, and help with the pain.

    • I was given a compression pack that went cold after 20 minutes..and the pain was terrible! Luckily, I managed to stem the bleeding last night *after my painkiller induced nap* it wasn’t that much this morning..and now it’s stopped 😛

  7. I hope you feel better. 🙂

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  9. Feel better soon!

  10. It’ll be ok, close your eyes really tight, think of a box you can put the pain in and shove the box in a cupboard in your mind. Then think of nice things like running across the fields and chasing squirrels and eating the furniture.

  11. […] Day 110..#Dentist Update ( […]

  12. Poor you – I hope the pain goes away very quickly. I hate dentists too 😦

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