Day 109..#”Hey girl..Do you wanna buy a tv?”

So I was walking home from school today..after getting off the bus..and there was a man..standing in front of a store..and as I was walking past he grabbed my arm and asked in Portuguese..”Hey girl, do you want to buy a tv?”

Now on a normal day I would have been quick to pull my arm away and tell the person not to touch me *some people in Portugal have a habit of just grabbing you when you’re walking past if they feel like it*..but today I found it greatly amusing..

It wasn’t the fact that he grabbed me that I thought was the fact that he had a 32″ flat screen tv that he was hiding..and he was waiting for people to walk past to grab them and then offer them this shady purchasing opportunity..

I was actually laughing hysterically. In the street.

He was trying to hide the tv behind his legs and the wheelie bin and it just looked so ridiculous I couldn’t stop laughing!

I politely declined the invitation and walked on home..

32" TV Courtesy of Google Images

Fast forward a couple of hours and I went to the store to buy some groceries for dinner.

I was walking back to my apartment and there was what looked like a discarded fridge/freezer outside some apartments..moments later a man jumped out from behind it and found himself in front of me!

I screamed..because I wasn’t expecting anything to be jumping out at me from behind a fridge/freezer..and to be honest..I almost took off down the street..I thought it was some sort of!

He started smiling at me and speaking in Portuguese..I politely told him I don’t understand what he is saying and he asked me *in Portuguese* if I spoke spanish..I said No..English? I nodded..

“My English no good”

“That’s okay”..I said smiling..and I started to walk on by..

“Girl, you want buy kitchen?”

“Excuse me?” I responded.

“You want buy?” He pointed to the fridge..I burst out laughing.

Then I realised it was the same guy from earlier on who tried to sell me the TV!

Fridge Freezer Courtesy of Google Images

Seriously?! Ha ha ha ha!

*I wonder where he gets this stuff from..* was a good day!

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 18, 2012.

16 Responses to “Day 109..#”Hey girl..Do you wanna buy a tv?””

  1. So did you buy the tv and kitchen lol? It was just your lucky day πŸ™‚

  2. That’s immense! This sounds like a comedy skit in the making! πŸ™‚

  3. my vote is that he legally purchased them from a store, to resell them, just to be nice in offering the convenience to buyers so they don’t have to waste time in the store. What a nice spirited guy!

  4. i think that guy stays quite busy trying to sell hot items……lol

  5. i have just nominated you for the versatile award!

  6. Too funny! Glad you are safe though.

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