Day 105..#Why Do I Feel Impending Doom?! I’m definitely freaking out here!

This week..I finally booked the appointment to have my dental implant done.

Now being curious..I decided to do some research into what this would entail..

Bad idea! Terrible! Especially since I am already afraid of dentists..this definitely did not reassure me in the slightest.

I feel like when I go to the dentist on Thursday (19/4)..I will probably start crying before anything has even started..or start rambling at break neck speed to try to talk my way out of the situation I created..

..I am now becoming incredibly nervous..

The sweaty palms..dry mouth and sudden realisation of what I’m actually doing is dawning on me..and I don’t like it..

The whole idea of my tooth being pulled out..replaced by a screw then covered with a crown..all whilst under general anaesthesia and *awake* is making me incredibly emotional here..

Like..if you knew my fear of dentists..maybe reading this post you could somehow be justified about how I feel..

Image Courtesy of Google Images

I think about the day that I actually cracked my tooth in two..the day I bit into that sandwich and felt the most painful thing I’d ever felt in my someone had wired my jaw to my ear and then started twisting the wire with incredibly rusty pliers at regular intervals..*exhales*

I can’t sleep.

I’m scared.

And as much as I would like to not be scared..I still have 5 tabs open about dental implants that I have to read..even though I know I’d probably only feel that much more worse..I *need* to know what they’re going to do..

Like I already stated..not a good idea..but I think this will prepare me mentally for what is coming..

*Who am I kidding? I’m probably going to cry regardless..oh gosh. What have I done?*

Okay..I’m rambling now.

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 15, 2012.

13 Responses to “Day 105..#Why Do I Feel Impending Doom?!”

  1. Ok. you need to stop reading. Sometimes its better not to know. Both twins need implants for a genetically missing tooth, and I don’t plan on going into any detail about it. But my neighbor had it done, and he said it was the same as a filling in his opinion. It’ll be O.K.

    • I think its the fact that I’ll be awake and hearing all those noises and the drill..but then some people have to go to the hospital and are put under whilst they get it done..but I would never do that either..why would you not be awake..oh gosh..

  2. i have the same fears also, but for me, i would say PULL IT!!!! LOL

    • I would say not..but I don’t have a choice..unless I eventually want that tooth to do something to itself..*I don’t even know what would happen if I didn’t pull it..hmm*

  3. I dread dentists 😦

  4. don’t worry! the best thing to do now is stop reading about it. you’re going to go through it no matter what, so try not freak yourself out 😉 perhaps before the procedure you should meditate and take deep breaths to calm your nerves. It really won’t be bad – the doctor has done it a billion times and he or she will make sure it’s done as smooth as possible =D and you’ll be happy when its over wondering why you were scared in the first place!

    • I’m really hoping that’s the case..but I always end up looking a little worse for wear when my eyes start welling up and all I’ve done is sit in the chair!
      I’ll take that advice and let you know how it goes on Thursday! 🙂
      P.S. My dentist is INSANELY I know I shouldn’t be scared..but it’s not him that scares’s his

  5. Ohh, poor you. I’m glad I didn’t read about it before I had it done lol.
    Actually it won’t be that bad though. Just takes a while of them doing the most annoying thing in the world (dental work.) You’ll be numb and won’t have much pain even after it’s finished though and you’ll feel good to be rid of the problem. It’s all worth it. I’m the same as you though. The dentist doing anything other than a bi-annual cleaning and checkup is the worst…

  6. OUCH!!! I once had an absessed tooth…the pain was incredible! So, as much as I dislike going to the dentist, that was one time I was REALLY HAPPY to let them “do their thang.”

    Hope you handle this without any problems! Will pray that you get over the fear!

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