Day 104..#British Summer Time..

How it’s already four o’clock in the afternoon I really do not understand..*sigh*


So..I’m kinda happy..

It’s the weather!

For the past week or so in Lisbon it’s been between like 15-20 degrees (C)..which for what I’ve known for the past 7 months of being in Lisbon is kinda unusual..we usually have between 18-26 degrees (C)!

The fact that it hasn’t been as sunny and slightly more dull has made me remarkably chirpy!

And I know it sounds ridiculous..but it’s because it reminds me of home..:)

*I almost had a heart attack when I went to check the weather for next week and it said it would be 29 degrees Celsius..then I realised I was looking at New York!*

I love *love* the sun and everything..but I’m not used to so much sunshine..even though it makes me happy too..

I know it’s pretty weird to say..but it feels like’s the right temperature for the time of year for the first time since I’ve been here..I mean..I’m not complaining about 27 degrees (C) in November..however my body gets extremely confused and starts screaming “what is going on?!

Image Courtesy of Google Images

I’m glad Lisbon is finally getting some British Summer Time!

Happy Saturday!! 😛

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day 104..#British Summer Time..”

  1. happy weekend! Weather has been weird here in Michigan this year too. Talking in fahrenheit, it has been bouncing from 35 to 70 repeatedly and the drastic changing causes my head to feel like I’m on a high altitude flight. All we can do is accept and be positive.
    Signing out with a quote I saw on my friends fb wall this morning “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

    • I totally agree..Life SO begins at the end of your comfort zone..
      I know about the Michigan cousin is in Allendale and she comes on skype screaming about it’s fluctuations..loool..she’s been there for 8 months and is returning back home at the end of the month..ha ha..
      Unfortunately..I had that same head feeling as I know what you’re talking generally makes me feel like being sick..Happy days eh? lol

  2. You should come and check out the Scottish weather… man… talk about four seasons in one day. On the tiny island I’m currently living on our foe is usually the wind. The gales can be relentless. Right now the weather’s just being its usual, fickle self. Today was beautiful, breezy and fresh but the sun was shining and, in true Brit style, I went out for my afternoon walk in a short sleeved t-shirt. My Italian friend was wrapped up sensibly. I was taking adventure of what may be the closest thing we get to a summer, he he! 🙂

    • Loool! Today in was quite breezy..and it rained a little for about 30 minutes (collectively over the course of the day)..but all in all..a good day..the wind sucks here too!

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