Day 103..#50 Subscribers :)

Hey guys!

Glad to say..I am feeling much better today after going to sleep quite early and waking up of my own accord!

Thanks for your well wishes!

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Now..this is going to be a Thank You post!

This morning..well..yesterday night..Wordpress informed me that I had reached a mark of 50 subscribers!

I know there are people out there that have sooo much more..but for me I’m still amazed that 50 people find what I have to say interesting!

There have been times I’ve not known what to write..not felt like writing..was tired..forgot..or haven’t been feeling 100%..but I’ve still tried to get something out to you guys before my day is over πŸ˜›

I want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog..comments..subscribes..

The blogosphere is an amazing one..*NewViewFromHere..please ask Shawna if I used the correct’m not sure!* and through it I’ve met and engaged with so many people sharing a variety of stories and amazing pictures.

There are so many bloggers on here that I feel very connected with even though we communicate through’s amazing at theΒ bond that can be created..there are bloggers that encourage me..every day..most without even keep on keeping learn so much from all of you and your experiences.

Everyday I read something that makes me laugh..some things that make me cry..some that cause me to think..some that require me to research..some that make me drool (there are some UNFATHOMABLE cooking blogs out there people..WOW!)..and what I’m basically trying to say is Thank You for allowing me to share your world with you..your smiles..your hurts..your tears..your feelings..your thoughts. You.


Blogging over the past year (and some months)..I’ve learnt a a lot..and continue to look forward to growing in every which way myself and also with all of you..

Thank you for taking a look into my world and deciding to join me on my journey..I really do appreciate it!

Now for grocery shopping!

Over and out! πŸ˜›

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 13, 2012.

10 Responses to “Day 103..#50 Subscribers :)”

  1. You are welcome!

  2. Congratulations! YOu have every right to be happy, keep up the great work. Have a very blessed day πŸ™‚

  3. that was the exact way i felt also when i reached 50. i am still amazed even today

  4. It sure feels wonderful when people keep returning to your site, doesn’t it? You deserve it..I really enjoy checking in with you each day!

  5. Congratulations!! That’s a great milestone!
    I agree, there are many incredible blog authors out here being very inspirational. Strong connections can be felt because many are opening up their hearts and being 100% real with all they write. I wish the same could be said out in the world in general. So many politics, competitiveness, and whatever…
    Your blog is a great morning read because your positive and cheerful energy is like a breath of fresh air. Keep writing my friend!

    • Its true..a lot open their hearts..and I feel I’ve met more genuine people online in a short space of time than I would meet in the same space of time in person..
      Thanks for the compliment.. πŸ˜›

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