Day 102..#Headaches..

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How do you get rid of them?

I do you get them?

For me..whenever I sleep and use an alarm to wake can pretty much guess that I’ll be groggy that day..

Like today..

I had an 8am class..and having just come back off the break..I didn’t really trust my body to wake up on it’s own at 6:30am..even though it has been doing so in the past (well my body clock conveniently adapts to whenever I need to wake up..) forgetting my headache alarms..I set one. Mistake number one.

6.30 came. The alarm went off.

It was so loud and so foreign at the same time that I actually managed to fall out of bed.

I climbed back into bed and hit snooze, thinking I had turned it off. 10 minutes was the same noise. It distressed me so much I got out of my bed switched off my phone and got back in.

I nodded off again..woke up and it was 7:23am. I needed to be leaving the house in about 7 minutes to get the bus. I’d just woken up..lifted my head and it felt like someone had beat me around the head with something pretty heavy..

Needless to say I didn’t make my 8am class this morning.


I went back to sleep thinking that if I woke up again naturally..maybe it would have gone away.I mean my next class was not until 13:30. I had time. Mistake number two.

I woke up at 11:47 and my headache was worse.

Staying at home wasn’t an option as I had a presentation at 3pm. At midday I sat up and the room spun around so fast I felt like I was going to be sick. Not a good feeling.

I opened my eyes and even though there were clouds in the sky..It was still too bright for me to open them fully. I steadied myself grabbed some things and headed to the bathroom.


As the day went on..the intensity of the headache varied and I tried to ignore it. I now know how Mr. Bobble-Head feels. *You know those toys that you put on the dashboard of your car where every time the car moves it’s head just bobbles about? was me* Every step I took felt like my head was ready to detach itself from my neck.

I’m also getting over my cold from last maybe this is just it saying goodbye. If it is..please go away..

I’ve eaten now..and feel a little better..but I think it has to be an early night for me.


Until tomorrow!

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 12, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 102..#Headaches..”

  1. I’m far from qualified to give any advice for this, but someone once told me that headaches are more often than we would think, the result of partial dehydration. I started drinking a lot of water whenever I get one and I do think it helps. For what it’s worth… 🙂
    Looks like you have some good links here btw.

    • Thanks Scott 🙂
      It did help when I eventually got myself to eat something and drink some’s amazing what water does for the body..I tried fruit juice (Orange) and I felt so sick much as I don’t like water..I really need to get over it..because it is good for me..
      I noticed the other week I was dehydrated when I almost passed out..and ended up drinking 6L of water over 4 days..I’m used to not drinking water..because the UK isn’t that hot all the the dehydration thing has never really been a crazy issue..but being here in Portugal..heatstroke is REAL! Water isn’t my best friend yet..but it’s getting juice intake is severely reduced..twice a week at much as I don’t like’s water..I’m getting there 🙂
      Thanks for the’s very welcomed..
      *and on a completely different note*..I was thinking of maybe sending a piece your way..maybe..

      And I found those links quite useful too 😛

  2. Sounds slightly like migraine. Could be dehydration too! I’m a migraine sufferer, and over the years I’ve learned what triggers them, and other headaches. The thing that has been my saving grace is a shiatsu pillow. It has these hard knobs that rotate right at the base of the neck, and they heat up. 20 mins of that rolling over those muscles (and it is very painful) will usually help tremendously. If your dad lives in the states, maybe he could send you one–I got it at Walgreens. Of course it doesn’t work for hormonal headaches :-(. Anyway, drink lots of water, and try not to lean your head forward over the computer–causes neck strain which causes headaches. Massages help too, but the pillow is cheaper. 🙂

    • I don’t think it’s dehydration..I realised last week that I have been severely dehydrated and ended up drinking 6L of water everyday because I was feeling like I was going to pass out..and have been feeling great since..and have stopped all juices and am now on for someone who doesn’t like water..this was very hard for me..but health before preference I guess 🙂
      I don’t think it was a migraine..I’ve had a migraine once before and it last for 8 days..I had to wear sunglasses all times of the day..couldn’t eat because whenever I moved I felt nauseous and my head was really heavy..I spent most of my time in a cool dark room with sunglasses the time I didn’t know it was a migraine and I was so scared that I was going to die in my sleep because I didn’t know what was happening to I was so afraid to sleep..The day I decided to go to the Emergency stopped..remarkably it was after I lay hands on myself and prayed right then and there on the bus to the hospital..people looking at me thinking I was crazy..but clearly..the power of prayer works..and I have been eternally grateful! I’m sorry you suffer from’s not something nice to have.
      I will continue to drink loads of water..I’m getting used to it’s not as bad..
      Thankfully today I am absolutely fine..but I will definitely look into that pillow.
      I am a frequent visitor to spas and resorts that have spas because health is important..detoxing..relaxing..exercising..but since I’ve been out here..I haven’t engaged in my usual activity..maybe it’s a sign!
      Thanks for your advice!

  3. This happens to my daughter as well, but I have no idea why…Sorry you didn’t feel well!

    • Thanks Bird!
      Today..I feel completely fine..I think it was just a lack of sleep and not eat properly because I hadn’t been feeling well..need to take better care of me..I don’t get ill often..but when I do it completely takes me out without warning..but usually there are people around forcing me to eat and whatnot..because most times I don’t feel the strength to make something to eat until later in the day..but my house mates went home for the I was all alone..
      But I’m awesome today!
      I hope you are feeling better too..I was thinking about you the other day..I was in class and the lecturer wrote an acronym on the board and it was BIRD (Bank for International Reconstruction & Development) and I started giggling to myself..then I sent prayers your way..*hugs*

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