Day 101..#Desensitisation

Told you when I hit Day 100 I would revert to numbers..can you imagine how long my blog titles would be if I had to write Day One Hundred and Forty-Five..*sigh*

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So after my 1am snack of ribs..I woke up this morning ravenously hungry! That’ll teach me to eat at silly times of the night! *It was SO worth it though..he he*


Today..I was reading an article that was emailed to me courtesy of MSNBC News about how a 5-year old kindergarten student took heroin to class for show-and-tell, which in turn led to his step-father being arrested when he went back to the school after he realised the heroin was missing..

I’m not going to go into detail about the article..but you can find the details here:

As I sat there reading it will a classmate of mine..we kinda just sat it and both kinda just sighed.

I think it’s scary that this world we live in has become so desensitised to such shocking I was reading through the comments section of the same article..someone said “I would have handled this much differently if I were the teacher. After the bags fell out, I would have grabbed them and sprinted to the nearest bathroom with a spoon, a lighter, and a syringe from the nurse’s office…..and then flushed the drugs down the toilet…yeah, honestly!!!”

Now..for me..that is just twisted..I know it may be a joke..but in no way have I found it even slightly amusing.

It scares me that this child or any other child could have easily opened up one of those packets and tasted it..luckily he didn’t and he’s still alive..but come on?!


I read another article yesterday when I was at Uni about how an “Injured four-year-old” that was rushed to hospital had apparently been stabbed. STABBED. And a 51-year-old man was being charged in court for his attempted murder.

What could a four-year-old child  possibly do to you that you feel you have to stab him and leave him for dead?!

This story really made me sick.

It scares me to think about what kind of world we’re living in.

It scares me to think about what happens on a daily minute-by-minute basis all over the world that we don’t even hear about!


Let’s all pray for the hearts of people..

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 11, 2012.

8 Responses to “Day 101..#Desensitisation”

  1. Good post here
    there are such ridiculous and crazy happenings so often now that I can’t even stand to read or watch the news, lol. Crazy world…
    And as you say is true. All the things we DON’T hear about. Errr…

    • When I say I’m scared for this world..*sigh* much as I would like to stop watching the news..I need to remain informed about issues..
      I remember one day watching the News..and there was actually good news..I can’t remember what the story was..but it wasn’t about war, death, atrocities etc..I really wish I could remember it..

  2. I just read that story a few minutes ago….absolutely insane! And no telling how many children are being raised in homes with that kind of activity taking place!

    Great reminder at the end for all of us to pray earnestly for the hearts of ppl. all around the world.

    • I try and remember to pray for all the nations and countries of the world daily..but when I read these stories..I just feel incredibly helpless..I think this is what is spurning me and confirms that when I eventually settle down and all that jazz..I will adopt and foster children..they are so precious and innocent..and I just feel so inclined
      My grandma fosters children..she’s crazy amazing..every Christmas..there are different kids running around her house..and she loves it..because she misses having kids running she fosters..and she loves them..and she prays with them..and teaches them so much..
      Children have always been key in my future..I need to do something for them..they need people to fight for them..
      ..I will now stop writing because I am becoming extremely emotional..

      • What a beautiful comment from a lady with a beautiful heart. I’m very touched by your heart for children!

      • Thanks..I’ve been working with children since being a young child myself (around 13/14)..and it was very eye-opening..I always have to do something involving them..if it’s not working in church within the Kids Church department..babysitting..mentoring young child should ever feel less than loved and wanted..

  3. It is scary! Thanks for bringing this to light and making me think.

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