Day Ninety-Seven..#Happy Days

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Following a pretty productive can say that I had quite an opposite day today..

I had my books open in front of me..but I didn’t get much done..such is life..ha ha


I’m quite present I have 32 tabs open..but that’s not why I’m excited!

Well some of those tabs have contributed to said excitement..

I really really REALLY want to tell you why I’m excited but I can’t..not yet anyway!

So at present all I can do is bounce off the walls 😛

I do it pretty well!


When the word excitement is just not big!

Let’s all do the Fonzie!! 😀

Happy Easter everybody!! 😛


~ by originalapplejunkie on April 7, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day Ninety-Seven..#Happy Days”

  1. Fonzie-ing with you, Apple! I can’t wait to see what has made you so giddy!

  2. happy Easter to u

  3. Hi sweetie, just wishing you a Happy Easter, thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s so nice to watch your video too. You know how to bless others. You are a blessing to me fellow blogger friend. ♥ Jackie

  4. Do the Fonzie! Great video 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what has made you so yippy yi yay. I love that phrase! If you want come see what’s making me yippy yi yay, come to
    Bye, E

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