Day Ninety-Six..#Work Hard, Play Hard

I don’t know whether the title of the post should be that..or Work Hard, Play Harder..

Anyway! Totally..Completely and utterly proud of myself!

Today I completed a MOUNTAIN of Uni work..yes..I said mountain..

You know that saying..don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today..?? I finally did it!

At the start of the week I was going strong with my studying..then mid-week I got bored..and I’m glad I’ve been able to pick it up again..studying is so bleurgh sometimes..but the end result is always worth it.. 😛


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Also, I found out what was wrong yesterday at the grocery store after having spoken with my bank this morning!

Basically, three years ago, there were a batch of cards that went out that had the wrong expiry date on them. I received one of these cards.

So, card had an expiry date on it of June 2012 (06/12)..but in actual fact the expiry date for said card was March 2012 (03/12). A few weeks ago, I had been discussing this with my dad because of the simple fact that as I am not at home and they would post the replacement card there, how I would get my new card sent to me so I wouldn’t be stranded when I got back to the UK (because I arrive back in July..have to buy a ticket for the Gatwick Express and pay for other things upon arrival, etc). Apparently a few days after that conversation my new card came in the post to my house.

Now “technically” as my card had expired 6 days ago..clearly when I went to use it at the grocery store yesterday it was not going to work. But I didn’t know that.

I was a little relieved by the situation, however it would have been nice to have been informed that the expiry date on the card was also wrong.

Oh well..such is’s all water off a duck’s back now! ha ha (I think!)


Lurve..Peace and Hairgrease dudes!
(well maybe not hair grease because that stuff kinda just sits on your hair..probably oil..but oil doesn’t quite have the same ring to it..)


I think I want to make Sugar Cookies..*she skips off to the pantry*

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 6, 2012.

5 Responses to “Day Ninety-Six..#Work Hard, Play Hard”

  1. Glad it was something simple!

  2. Wow, glad everything worked out! Technology…boy I tell ya. lol

  3. Glad you got it sorted, what a pain in the backside though! 😉

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