Day Ninety-Two..#Skin Peeling is normal! Don’t worry!

I’ve been denying it for some time..but I think like my apple obsession..I have a kiwi obsession..they just taste so amazing and I don’t know why.. 😀 Yes I'm eating 3 as I type this post..well I had four..but I duno what happened to the other one 😛

So today was the start of Easter Break..

I grabbed my to-do list and went out of the door..

First stop..doctors to address this skin peeling issue.

So I got to the doctors office (which conveniently was only a 15 minute walk away from my house) and waited for 30..I wasn’t that bothered though because I didn’t have much else to do and I took some University work with I wasn’t idle either.

Anyway..the doctor called me in and started talking to me in Portuguese..

“Desculpe, eu não falo Português..” I trailed off smiling..

“Oh!” she exclaimed, “Yes, she (the receptionist I assume) told me you didn’t speak Portuguese but I wanted to see for myself..where are you from?”

“The UK” I responded sheepishly..

“Well if you are living in Portugal, you should learn to speak Portuguese..”

“I can read and understand more than I can speak” I responded quickly.

She started scanning the room..whilst I thought..wait..I waited 30 minutes..have been in here for 15..and this is what we are discussing..? Really?!

She handed me a newspaper and opened a random page and told me to tell her what it said.

I laughed.

She didn’t.

I looked back at the paper and scanned the article and told her what I understood from it (what I thought it was saying)..and I managed to convince her that I could actually understand written Portuguese, but my struggle came from speaking..

“Muito Bom!” She commended as she nodded her head in agreement. “What can I do for you today?”

FINALLY! I thought!

I explained to her the problem with my skin and how it was peeling and showed her my chaffing elbow..

Do you know what her response was?

“Every day when we sleep we shed skin..there is nothing to worry about..”

“I know that..but I’ve never seen it! And I think you’d agree that this is more excess shedding than usual..” I trailed off..

She looked at me..I think she thought I was going to say something else..then she told me not to worry and it was probably because it has been so warm lately and that I’m not used to the temperatures “coming from a country that doesn’t really have a lot of sun”..then she told me to avoid water.

“Avoid water?!”

What does that even mean?!

I then decided it was time to leave..Clearly we were not going to get very far with this issue!

As I was leaving she told me that if it doesn’t get better in a few days..I should come back..

Highly unlikely.


I left the doctors office looking at the time..surprisingly, the whole exchange took less than 10 minutes..I shook my head as I walked to the metro station and hopped on the Metro to University..


I got back at 7:30 where I was bombarded with emails, text messages and missed Skype calls..all of which I ignored as all I wanted to do was EAT..

I did so..grabbed some more work (changed from Human Resource Management to International Organisations) and started reading up on Humanitarian Interventions performed by NATO since the 1990’s.


All in all..I tried to address this skin issue..but clearly it’s all in my head..ha ha!

No but really..if it doesn’t get better, I’ll go and see another doctor..and see if I can get them to make sure everything is okay 🙂

It’s been a good onto the next! 😛

~ by originalapplejunkie on April 2, 2012.

10 Responses to “Day Ninety-Two..#Skin Peeling is normal! Don’t worry!”

  1. Well. That doctor was a waste of time. Is she the only doctor around???

  2. So it’s all in your head? The excess skin? That puts me in mind of one of those cheese graters, you know they sell loads of them in IKEA. You great it into a little box… Yeuck. I shall not extend the image! Lol! Maybe you should use cream, it strikes me that rather than trying to avoid moisture, you should probably seek it in this form. Good luck, feel better soon! 🙂

    • That’s what I thought!
      But I’ve been moisturising way more than was just a wasted trip!
      But oh well!
      Cheese grater..ewww!

      • He he he, sorry for the image… I’d already typed it before I could help myself! You know your own body better than anyone else. I say stick with the moisture! 🙂

  3. Yeah, I think the right “prescription” is a new doctor 🙂

    But one thing she said that may have some merit, is about living in a new environment affecting your skin. For years I had no problem with skin irritations (other than teenage acne…lol), but after moving to a more humid area, I began to have lots of skin irritations. A few doctors would give me various lotions & ointments, but nothing seemed to provide long-term relief.

    Two years ago, however, we moved back to the region where I grew up and I haven’t had any problems with my skin since.

    Hope you’re enjoying your Easter break in spite of this episode! 🙂

    • I figured that it would be the country change..I’ve had the skin peeling before when I first got here..then it went away..but then it came back and now its worse! I was just confused..its been almost 7 think I’d be used to it by now!
      3 months remaining then I!

      Easter has been somewhat productive..I am trying to catch up on my studying in time for the start of classes next week! 🙂

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