Day Ninety..#Help Needed :)

I was I cooked.

I’ve finished cooking and I’m no longer hungry.

Go figure.


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Yummmmmmmy 😛


So..I need help guys!

The skin on my hands are peeling..its like my thumbs, most of my fingers and the back of my right hand..I tried taking pictures to show you, but I couldn’t get it to focus correctly so it kept coming out blurred.

Anyway..the last time this happened was when I first came to Portugal in September..and it happened for about a month..then kind of disappeared.

I doesn’t hurt or anything..but it gets really really dry and then starts peeling more..

I’ve been moisturising frequently..but it seems my hands are just absorbing the creams and oils I’m applying and it’s getting worse!

I haven’t changed soaps, shower gels, creams..and I don’t have eczema (any more..I used to up until the age of 13..and it was never on my hands) or any other (known) skin condition..

I tried using the aloe vera gel..but it only worked until it dried then it peeled some more..


Do you have any suggestions as to what to do? Or know anything I can use to stop the peeling because at this rate I’m scared I’m not going to have any skin left!


Happy Saturdays!! 🙂

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 31, 2012.

10 Responses to “Day Ninety..#Help Needed :)”

  1. Can you go see a doctor? It sounds like some kind of allergic reaction.

  2. It’s mouth watering! Awesome! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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