Day Eighty-Nine..#Success!!

I’m kind of awesome come to think of it..

And I’m not being arrogant or anything..but I kind of am..

Anyway! Do you guys remember when I said I have to do a presentation (if you didn’t read that here).

Basically..I spoke to the Erasmus Coordinator that deals with outgoing/incoming students today and she informed me that from the “presentation” I gave (I put it in inverted comma’s because I wouldn’t even call it that!), five students decided that they want to come to my University which is amazing because this is the first time the University has had the option of sending students to the UK andย five students is the most they’ve ever had going to one country in one I guess I can celebrate!

I was speechless and oh-so-happy!

I love my University and clearly that showed enough that people decided that they wanted to give it a try!

That news made my day..and I let her know that if the students want a contact, she can give them my email address and I’ll happily accommodate and make my Portuguese friends feel very welcome!

*Now I’ll be forced to speak ha!*


I also had an awesome day yesterday too..well it was more like a feeling and something I saw in opposed to something that I actually did..but it made me smile..

So I was on the bus home, and a bus stopped at a bus stop and a blind woman got on carrying a toddler. The bus driver asked where she was going..she said the Hospital..and then she sat down.

Some time later, I had forgotten about the exchange and went back to reading my book.

Moments later, the bus driver stopped outside the hospital, hopped out of his cab, helped the woman off the bus and across the street and then ran back to the bus.

I thought that was awesome..It’s rare that you see such selflessness in people.

I think for me, it was the fact that the bus stop is smack bang in the middle of two bus stops. The bus driver stopped the bus in the middle of the two bus stops and in front of a zebra crossing, hopped off the bus..helped the woman and the child off the bus..over the zebra crossing and left her in the hands of security before he ran back to the bus he’d left in the middle of the street..

Now I know I just repeated the story, but I just want you to understand how amazing I thought what he did was.


Life is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚



~ by originalapplejunkie on March 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Day Eighty-Nine..#Success!!”

  1. Well Ms Apple Junkie, I think that’s a pretty awesome day all round. I love it when you see the kindness of strangers taking place – that is pretty special. It’s a shame it’s such a rarity but it’s nice that people appreciate it/celebrate it when it occurs! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well done with your presentation and good on the driver! I imagine health and safety wouldn’t allow such an act over here.

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