Day Eighty-Seven..#SUSHI!! 6 months would have never been able to convince me to touch sushi..let alone put it in my mouth!

Being in Portugal, I’ve had a lot of firsts and truly began trying a lot of things that I otherwise probably never would have tried if I was back home..

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Now the sushi above is (I think!) an Avocado & Crab (Prawn?) California Roll (or something like that!)? Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong! 😛

These are the ones I prefer..I don’t like the ones wrapped in the black/dark green stuff (seaweed?) because that tastes weird :s


So I was saying..being out here has exposed me to many different foods and culture and everything else.

*Now I know you are thinking sushi is not Portuguese..but hear me out!*


When you are constantly interacting with people that are like you..or people in your “social circle” you don’t realise that you are doing the same familiar things over and over probably all have similar interests, tastes, opinions, values and views on life.

Looking at it now..its like..your cutting yourself off from a lot of things..

*Now don’t get me wrong..I love my friends..I’m speaking in general here 😛*

..They don’t like sushi..but most of them have never tried no one likes sushi..we go to the same restaurants all the time because people “don’t really feel like trying something different today” or have similar opinions because they don’t want to seem too outlandish from the rest of the group!


Expand your horizons people!

Make new friends!

Get out of that social circle!

Most people are so comfortable in the space they are in that when they have an opportunity to do something different..they don’t.


If I never came to Portugal, I never would have learnt how to use chopsticks (yay me!)..probably would have never tried sushi (I was one of those that hated the concept of eating “raw fish”)..learnt how to do nails..learnt how to Samba dance (which is something I’ve wanted to learn for years and always put off!)..I also learnt Kizomba (which is another form of dance..*he he*..despite how it requires SKILL!!)..I would never have appreciated that everyone is different and that there is a whole wide world out here waiting to be explored..


I thought I was well versed..culturally..boy was I wrong!


I’m loving all my firsts..and looking forward to incorporating these changes when I get back home..


I am truly loving this amazing experience that I’m on..and the adventure continues!

Tonight myself and my house mate are off to an awesome Sushi Bar in Martim Moniz..I absolutely cannot wait!! 🙂

I am so awesome!

As is Sushi 😛


~ by originalapplejunkie on March 28, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day Eighty-Seven..#SUSHI!!”

  1. I love sushi!

  2. Dear Friend!
    Greetings from Shizuoka in Japan!
    Thank you so much for lthe link to
    Wish you all the best!

  3. Sushi is GREAT! I love it!!

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