Day Eighty-Two..#Cats no offence to anyone who does..

..But I’m not a big fan of cats..kittens, yes..but cats..


They kind of really scare me..

I’m more of a Dog kinda girl..


So anyway..there’s this cat that lives in the building across from mine..I don’t know what kind of cat it is..but it’s a black and white..

Recently..every time I’ve been to the bathroom..I come out..look out the window and the cat is just sitting there..staring at me.


It’s sooo strange.

On occasion I have screamed so loud my house mates have come running thinking something is terribly wrong with me..then they realise that “she’s screaming at the cat again”..shake their heads and walk away.

*Wouldn’t you be scared if whenever you walked out of the bathroom and looked out of the window a cat was always staring at you?*


Tabby cat

Tabby cat (Photo credit: abejorro34)

The window in our bathroom is always open.

We don’t like weird that’s how its always’s a bathroom 🙂

So the other day..I was know..minding my own business and I got this strange thought..

“What if the cat decided to jump onto someone’s balcony and jump into our bathroom window because it saw the light was on??” I immediately started freaking out at the thought of a cat launching itself through our bathroom window and into the shower curtain and  decided that maybe it was time to leave the bathroom and close the door. And the window.

I have a pretty wild in my mind being attacked by my neighbours cat isn’t very crazy..

..Plus I don’t think it likes technically I have a reason to be scared..


#Just Saying..

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 22, 2012.

7 Responses to “Day Eighty-Two..#Cats”

  1. A cat phobia. You’d die at my house! Cute story!

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  3. […] was reading a post by the OriginalAppleJunkie about her issues with cats. I can totally relate to this. On my walk to work each morning, I […]

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