Day Eighty..#Yesterday..


All my troubles seemed so faaaar away..

..Now it seems as though they’re here to stay..

..Oh I believe in yesterday..#

*My fav part starts from about 1:47..the harmonies are swell!*


Yesterday seems so long days ago almost..

I climbed into bed..was drifting off to sleep..then I fell out of bed in a haste as I couldn’t remember whether I had posted anything or was a very relaxing day is all..for was nice 😛

The girls and I went to Hennessey’s (Our usual Sunday spot on a Monday! I know!) and had dinner there and then came home a couple of hours later..It was most pleasant! 🙂


So I think I’ve spoken about this in previous posts, but I take a class called International Organisations. It’s a very interesting class touching on topics like the United Nations, the Holy Alliance, BRICS and other topics that are not new to me..but new at the same time with regards to content and the amount of information we are led to research and discuss in classes.

This semester..we all have to write individual term papers on something along the lines of what we’ve been looking at in class.

The lecturer told us to make sure we pick something that is of interest to we would be more inclined to study and do research and in turn want to do the paper.

I started searching my brain..I’d only just gotten to grips with this subject..but already he was asking for a title and abstract of what we wanted to write  about in the next two classes. I had zero idea what to do.

I have a friend that does Politics and Peace Studies, so I sent her a message straight after class asking for some much needed help! She was shooting ideas at me left and right..but most of them I didn’t know about..let alone know if I was going to be interested enough to want to right about I left it.

About a week later..two days before the class I woke up in the middle of the night..*literally woke up out of sleep at like 3.26am*..with an idea for my paper. I immediately jumped out of bed..switched on my lamp and started to write before I forgot. Then I climbed back into bed and went to sleep. I woke up the following morning and kept writing.

“The Role of the United Nations in the Prevention of Human Trafficking.”

That was the title of my paper.

Human Trafficking is something that touches very close to my heart. I’ve done a previous post in regards to it almost a year ago (click here) when I was researching about it for a University project I was doing and man..the things I read..stories..videos I saw..I never knew that so much was happening so close to home because people didn’t talk about it..or because it seemed like it was in a “different world” than the one most of us live in..people just chose to ignore it..but when I started looking into it..I couldn’t.

I started digesting more of what I was coming across..this topic that had just cropped up due to me wanting to write a Spoken Word piece on Human Trafficking to perform at my University event..and it turned into so much more than that.

My term paper will focus on the effects of Human Trafficking in India, a nation that in 2009 was seen as the epicentre of Human Trafficking with 1.2 million children being kidnapped and sold into slavery..most being sexual slavery.

I know right now people are saying there are so many awful things happening in the world..and yes that is true..but this is just something that I’ve always felt a passion to speak about..this and the protection of children (as well as one or two other issues).

I am yet to finish writing the Spoken Word piece that I started in March 2011..maybe this is a sign that I need to do just that.

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 20, 2012.

6 Responses to “Day Eighty..#Yesterday..”

  1. Great post OAJ! Have you seen the documentary “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls”? An Exodus Cry screening came to our city not too long ago, it is harrowing account of human trafficking in Europe, Asia and US. Great conclusion though, as the former trafficked AND traffickers come together at the end to speak about the freedom Christ gave them from their respective bondages!

  2. Important post….glad you had a good day, glad you took me back to high school with some B2M….BUT even more glad that you brought attention to this incredibly important issue !!! I hope many people are educated by your post!

    • Thank you 🙂
      B2M acapella’s are always amongst my all time fave’s..they can really sing! 🙂
      I only started researching about the issue this time last year (if you read my previous post)..and the amount of distress it brought me..I was so upset with what I was reading and seeing and I think because it’s not something that people can necessarily relate to or feel close enough to to want to feel like they need to do something about it..I don’t think they realise how close to home its actually’s not just in “developing countries” as most like to put it..its on our doorstep..and it’s incredibly real!

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