Day Seventy-Six..#Wash Day

This week..I decided that I should wash a day early.

Now your probably wondering..err..wash WHAT exactly a day early??

Lol..I’m talking about my hair 🙂

Image Courtesy of Google Images

I’m asked to go out a lot..most times I want to go..sometimes I don’t.

I think people dread to ask now because they can kinda gauge what my response is going to be: “Let me guess? You’re washing your hair??

I smile instinctively at the fact that people know me so well! 😛


But it’s not as bad as people make out!

I wash my hair twice a week..on Wednesdays and on Saturdays/Sundays..this is where the problems come in..people usually ask the same question at the same time every week..and if you don’t notice a’d think I was washing my hair every night (which is generally what some people think I do..To clarify: I don’

Before I started typing this, I administered my pre-poo treatment of honey mixed with 2 tablespoons of castor oil to my hair and covered it with a plastic bag (and stuffing the edges with tissues as it likes to drip! Lol!).

Yes. Like the one you put your groceries in.

*Don’t judge me..LOL!*

After this, I’m going to watch a movie or two whilst my hair enjoys it’s pampering before I wash it out and shampoo it with my Garlic Shampoo (to further reduce the little shedding I am receiving) and my Cream of Nature Kiwi & Citrus De tangling Shampoo (just to make sure my scalp is really clean) then I’ll apply my apple scented Conditioner to my wet it and leave it on overnight to wash it out tomorrow morning.

Its kind of a 1-2 day process..:P But my hair loves it 🙂


On several occasions people have come over to my apartment and I’ve walked out of the kitchen with a bag on my head..I get the strangest looks! Once my house mates & I reassure them that this is a normal occurrence most of them just kinda leave it alone..ha ha

I’ve made popcorn, got my drinks and other snacks and am ready to place myself in front of my TV surrounded by my favourite movies..

I’ve worked really hard this week..I think a break is much deserved 😛

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day Seventy-Six..#Wash Day”

  1. I try really hard to wash my hair only once a week but it’s sooooo hard!!! My older sis had hair at her collarbone last year, and because she rarely washed it, it’s not down to her waist!! So unfair:(
    Enjoyed your post:)
    – Ruby

    • aww!
      Maybe she’s doing something in secret that she’s hiding from the world! lol!
      Twice a week is good for me! I don’t have the time to do more because the process is so long! But at least once a week! I skipped my wash on Wednesday because I wasn’t feeling too good and didn’t want to have an accident in the shower!
      Your hair looks pretty to me from your gravatar photos..where as I currently type this honey is dripping down my back!

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. Sounds good.You seem to have a solid and healthy regimen….my kind of regimen! ha ha 🙂

    • Thanks Dany..
      This week I’ve been so lazy in washing my hair cuz I haven’t been feeling if I didn’t start doing something I’m sure I wouldve just pushed this wash into next week! Not cool for my journey 2 MBL by September!! 😉

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