Day Seventy-Five..#Crazy 2-Pence Sized Lisbon Hail!

Today on the way back from school I made a detour to the grocery store.

Before I left it started raining..then the heavens opened and hail stones started coming down..first small sized..then it got bigger..couple that with thunder and lightening..I hid under the shelter of the shop I was in!

At one point it was raining so hard car alarms started going off!

I will was kinda awesome and scary at the same time!

I did have to call my house mate to come and rescue me though..once again I was wearing the wrong kind of shoes and a jacket with no hood. After a few minutes of waiting..I was rescued!

NOTE: We actually live 10 seconds away from said grocery store..but the rain was really too much! 😦 ha ha

And yes..that is my house mate and I in the background! 😛

~ by originalapplejunkie on March 15, 2012.

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