Day Seventy-Four..#23 times more likely..

*All statistics and information provided relates solely to within the United Kingdom, unless stated otherwise*

You are 23 times more likely to crash your car if you are texting whilst driving.

Impairment or distraction are the fourth most likely cause of fatal accidents at 19.6%.

By the year ending March 2011, it was reported that there were 1,870 people killed in reported car related accidents.

That’s 367 people killed from March 2010 to March 2011 due to the use of phones.


I’ve been meaning to do this post for days..however have wanted to gather adequate and correct information to compile it.

I don’t know why I find this topic so near and dear to my heart.

I haven’t physically known anyone that has lost someone to or been involved in a mobile phone related accident..but whenever I see someone using a mobile phone when they are driving it makes me sick to my stomach and particularly angry.

This week, I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed it a lot more. In Portugal, it seems everyone uses a phone whilst driving..or are doing something where their attention is divided (changing the radio station, lighting a cigarette, reading a newspaper – yes. Really!)


Since 2003, there has been a ban on the use of handheld mobile phones whilst driving; and if caught, drivers could face a fine of £60. Yet if you look closely enough people still feel compelled and almost comfortable using one behind the wheel.

On February 27th 2007, it was decided that in addition to the £60 fine, drivers could also have 3 penalty points added to their licence..this being done to quell the noted increase of drivers ignoring the law.

Various U.S based studies have taken place to measure the result of using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

One study conducted by the University of Utah (2003) involved 120 participants of which there were a control group (who had a legal blood alcohol limit of 0.08%) and a control group that were involved in mobile phone conversations. It was found that of the participants two (2) were involved in accidents at the baseline condition and ten (10) had accidents whilst conversing their mobile phones, however it was found that none of the drunk drivers (zero) had an accident in any of the tests.

Now I know what your thinking, 10 out 120 is not that many. But that was a controlled experiment.

Think about it like this. In the UK every two minutes there is a car related accident. 19.6% of which are distraction related now times that by 24 hours in a day, 365 days a year. Do you see where I am going with this?

Notably its young people the same age as me who are the main culprits of this. Statistics show that 50% of 18 – 24 year olds texted whilst driving..50%?!

Road accidents are also the biggest cause of death for 17 – 30 year olds..*are you sensing a pattern?*


In 2009, Gwent Police in Wales, alongside some other teenagers created a 30 minute video called “Cow” (a.k.a “Only Stupid Cows Text and Drive“) in order to highlight the dangers of texting whilst driving. I have included a brief 5 minute clip of the video below.

*Please note due to it’s graphic nature, it may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 18*

In other earlier studies whilst measuring reaction time, it was found that if you had the legal limit of alcohol in your blood stream, reaction time increased by 12%. If you were smoking cannabis, your reaction time decreased by 21% and if you were texting whilst driving, reaction time decreased by 35%.

So according to that we can say that it is safer to drink and drive than to text whilst driving?!

*Please note, in no way am I condoning drink-driving or smoking cannabis..I am merely trying to prove a point*


Yesterday whilst waiting for the bus home, I noted that in the traffic there was a woman driving a Grey Range Rover Sport..texting. A further interesting result of the above study also showed that women were more than 90% guilty of lateral lane position changes than men were. However, it also stated that unlike men, women, whilst texting, slowed down their speed considerably more. *But to me..texting is texting.*
But anyway..I was standing at the bus stop looking at the passing cars..and I see this woman texting. She was in traffic at a red light..but then the light changed. She continued to text with BOTH HANDS ON THE PHONE, eyes looking into her lap, and she started moving her car forward. I was so shocked.
#1. She was driving a big car.
#2. She had both hands..BOTH HANDS..tapping away at the screen of her iPhone leaving her steering wheel free.
#3. She was looking at her phone and smiling.
#4. She began moving forward in her car when the lights change but did not stop what she was doing.

That made me so upset.

Not only was she endangering her own life, but the lives of other motorists around her.


I think that people who are selfish enough to endanger other road users shouldn’t be allowed on the road. That may seem harsh..but to me it seems appropriate.

If you really have to send a message or answer a call either do it before you get into your car and focus on driving or if you MUST text or call..pull over in a safe spot. Switch on your hazard lights and do what you have to do. It’s not hard.

Whilst looking into information for this post, I found a lot of sad articles on the of which I have included below.


An article I found written September 28th 2011, stated that some 9% of motorists even surfed the internet from their handsets whilst driving.

khdcnsjohcujabchsb dsjlavcalc?!?!! *Confusion!* Come on?! Really??

*That’s all I have to say on that matter*


To be honest, I still think that even using a mobile phone with a hands free kit is pushing it..accidents involving phone use is on the rise..and I think until people realise how dangerous it actually is they won’t stop.

Lives are being devastated and not just in the UK.

There’s a time for everything. Realise the dangers of using your mobile phone whilst driving and make the right decision.


Person using cell phone while driving.

Image via Wikipedia

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